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How are the public elementary schools in the Macalaster Groveland area?


Alessia September 2, 2009

We are moving to St Paul from France. What are some nice affordable neighborhoods in St Paul (with cafes, restaurants etc) near good public schools?

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ecoscio September 5, 2009

Hello and welcome to St Paul! We have had a wonderful experience at Mann Elementary. I just can't say enough good things about the teachers there. When we were looking at schools 3 years ago I was impressed by St Anthony Park Elementary. Capitol Hill was nice also, but that starts in 1st grade for Gifted students. Good luck!


Alessia September 6, 2009

Thank you very much for your answer. I also have been looking at St Anthony Park Elementary's website and it looks good. Unfortunately I called Mann and for the moment there are no more spots in 3rd grade but something could open up by January. Do you know anything about Groveland Park or Randolph Heights? They sounded good also although I had some doubts about them.
Ultimately, we might also decide to live in Northfield where my husband will be working. I would much prefer to live in the city but the commute may turn out to be too hard for him. We we're told around 50 minutes from Mac-Groveland to Northfield.
Thanks again!


ecoscio September 7, 2009

I toured St Anthony two times, it was my second choice. Also it's in a darling neighborhood. As far as Groveland goes I don't know much about it except the few parents I've met whose kids go there like it. And we were in ECFE at Randolph Heights one season and it seemed okay. I've heard things like "Randolph Heights is making a comeback", so, red flag for me personally. I'm sure all these schools are perfectly fine, we just liked Mann and St Anthony very much. Touring the school is the best way to get a feeling for it. I hope you can do that! Good luck!


Alessia September 7, 2009

Thank you very much for your answer. I agree with you about being wary when someone says a school is making a comeback. If we decide to live in St Paul I think I will try for St Anthony or Mann however my husband is going to work in Northfield (home to Carleton) and people tell me that the commute is pretty long. I am beginning to wonder if maybe we should actually live there. If you know anything about Northfield I'd love some input. I was afraid of a small town but this sounds like an interesting place.
Thanks again


stmaryhs October 7, 2009

I have had kids at Cap Hill, St. Anthony Park and Groveland. I must say that I am really pleased with both St. Anthony Park and Groveland. They both are neighborhood schools and have lots of parents who are in and out- dropping off/ having coffee/volunteering -- also both have a "funky/creative" feel (at least the parents do). I have found Cap Hill to be good in that it is challenging, but very "cold" feeling.


kimck3 October 13, 2009

Northfield is a nice community and has a larger city feel and liberal community due to the 2 campuses being there. It is a LONG horrible commute from St. Paul though! It is easily an hour 1 way if not more.

We do live in St. Paul. We had a child at St. Anthony Park. LOTS of parents love this school, but it does have it's issues as all public schools right now. We actually had a child that needed additional challenges in school even though SAP identifies 40-50% of it's kids as gifted talented. We applied to Capitol Hill and didn't get in (another danger). In the mean time, my child had a really bad year at SAP and we ended up pulling him to homeschool. Anyway - I've found with schools everything is very specific to your child's needs and personality and the teacher that your child is placed with year to year. I know families at Mann who are thrilled, and others who have jumped ship. Same story at Capitol Hill - and the academics there aren't necessarily all that much better than a school like Mann or SAP (close to half the kids at these schools qualify for GT services and they don't do a determination who needs it more than others.). If you have a highly gifted child in Saint Paul, I'd be particularly careful with your choice.

Another school I've heard good things about is Nova Classical Academy. I know several families there that are very happy. And again, know a couple more that pulled out after not having such a great experience!

Good luck with whatever you decide!


kimck3 October 13, 2009

We live in SAP, by the way and we absolutely love it! All the nicer neighborhoods in Saint Paul are great and most have many amenities walking distance from them.


Alessia October 13, 2009

Thanks for your answers. In fact we have definitively decided to live in Northfield as the commute is too long to Northfield. My husband visited Northfield from France and was very impressed with both Bridgewater and Greenvale Elementary schools. He thought the facilities were amazing and the principal of Greenvale seemed very personable, friendly and loved by the kids. So I guess we will find out what it is like living in a small town after eighteen years in Toulouse France (France's fourth largest city).
Thanks again everyone!


ecoscio June 2, 2010

I was planning to log in because I felt bad about posting the comment about hearing that Randolph Heights was "making a comeback". This is something that I have heard, but my kid doesn't go there and I didn't want to say something potentially bad about this school. However, when I went to the Randolph Heights page there is a parent review from only a few days ago that says that a teacher there tied students to chairs! I don't know how recent this supposedly occurred, and I hope this is not true! I checked and I did not see anything in the Pioneer Press about this.

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