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Why does the staff talk to the kids so ruff&rude?


MissThornton October 21, 2008

Everytime I go to the school the teachers is hollaring at the kids.And watch the fights instead of breaking them up...

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msteacher1967 March 25, 2013

I believe that it comes from frustration at the children's behavior and the inability to handle the situation while handling so many other situations. It does look unprofessional, however, teachers are human and they reach a level while trying to balance so many personalities and responsibilities. I can guess that it is hard to understand because we only balance our lives and our few children at one time. I suppose we can say that they shouldn't have taken the job, but I like to balance it with the thought that Jesus sometimes showed his emotions to his followers and I have had employers who yelled when they became upset. I was working in a restaurant then, but it is the same thing. It looks unprofessional to onlookers. I have seen parents holler at their kids and I even wonder if they beat them. Ultimately, I think the yelling comes from caring too much, because when I don't care, I don't say a word. I understand both sides. I strive to be the quiet and wise disciplinarian but I don't always reach that goal. I can only apologize for what I have done in the past. I hope I can keep this in mind because it does matter to me how my students and parents view my behavior and reactions to situations. As for fights, I do not get into those anymore. I tried to break up one some years ago and ended up swallowing part of my lip and a bit of blood. I call for help and I try to stop situations BEFORE they blow up. Another student pulled me out of that situation because I was getting hit. Please public understand that we do care for your children but are you actually asking us to DIE for them in that way? Most of those fights are over truly stupid things and we are to lay our lives down for that, I think not. Why don't you jump in the next one that you happen to see and let us know how it goes.

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