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Calvary Lutheran for Non-Christians?


pacificwhim March 31, 2011

My wife and I are relocating to KCMO and looking at Calvary Lutheran as a possible private school for our daughters, 6 and 3. But I'm a little concerned about the Calvary website, which really sells the Christian education thing hard. We're not Christians. Are there any other parents who aren't Christians who've sent their kids to Calvary Lutheran? If so, what was your experience? Did you find it to be a light touch of Christian values, more overt indoctrination, or something in between? Would the school be a comfortable place for kids who've been raised outside of Christianity? Thanks very much.

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Neysha1969 April 24, 2011

Hello. We have 2 kids at Calvary. Our oldest has gone there for 5 years and our youngest for 2. Calvary is outstanding in their academic instruction and their genuine care for every student. While we are Christians, we were not church attendees nor overt with our religious convictions. And our children have been completely comfortable from the first they each attended. I would encourage you to tour the school. The tuition is the lowest for the best education kcmo has in my opinion. Hope your move goes smooth.


sm6047 June 15, 2011

I am probably too late on my reply but our family sent our daughter to Académie Lafayette. It's a French immersion public charter school and it's right down the street from Calvary. We are not religious either so that is one reason why we chose a public school in the area.

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