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school rec in KC for 9th grade girl


Delibron November 16, 2011

For a girl going into 9th grade (strong academically and more of a creative type than a cheerleader): Lincoln, Sion, Barstow, Pembroke, or St Teresa's? We are middle-class and not Catholic.

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electricdawg November 16, 2011


I faced the same delima last year. I am a single parent of limited means with a very bright graduade from Academie Lafayette - an acclaimed French language immersion Charter School here in kc. We too are not Catholic. We looked carefully schools you mentioned and a couple of more before deciding on Lincoln as the best choice for us.
St Theresa's and Sion are Catholic all girls schools with tiution between 9 and 10k per year. Barstow and Pembroke are private with nearly double the tuition. Lincoln is a public school. so there is no tuition if you live within the kCMSD boundries.
They are all good schools. My daughter has friends in St Teresa's as well as Rockhurst (boy's Catholic) and 1 at Pembroke.
About 1/3 of her 8th grade graduating class is attending Lincoln. They have many good teachers, an excellent administration staff and offer advanced placement courses and an International Bacclauriate degree including several hours of college credid earned in high school.
The down side to Lincoln is the notorius mismanagement of the school district that controls policy and support services. The district has been in a decline for decades now, but Lincoln continues to be the flagship and succede where the others fail.
Recently the district lost state accredation , but Lincoln has its own accreditation with the North West Council, I am told.
There is a multi cultural enviroment at Lincolk and my daughter enjoys the way everybody seems accept those differences and get along with each other while learning an having some fun too.
We do have some concerns about the recent overcrouding brought on by the districts decision to close the adjacent middle school and combine all those kids in the high school and some systematic lack of accurate communication when it comes to sports programs and busses, and a variety of other things controlled at the district level .

Hope that offered you some help in your search.

Feel free to contact me if I can offer any other assistance.

Damien McNearney

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