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Elementary School for child with learning difficulties


amandapg January 15, 2012

We are moving to KC and am looking for the right school district. I will have a 1st grader that has learning difficulties and on an IEP. I want a school that prioritizes inclusion. Currently my daughter has a shared classroom aide. I've been reading terrible things recently about the state of the schools in KC. We wanted to locate to the Parkville area or possibly the Mission area but I don't know about their schools. I know that the Blue Valley school district is supposed to be good, but not sure that that is the right area for us overall. Can anyone give insight to our dilemma? Is there a KC agency that helps parents in my situation? There is such a group where we currently live and they help you make sure you receive your rights under the NCLB act. Many thanks!

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astorplace January 21, 2012

It entirely depends on where you want to live and what kind of community you want. The schools are a mixed bag I will not deny. I recommend Border Star Montessori, which is where we send our daughter, but I wouldn't have you move into KCMO hoping to go there: it is hard to get in, and I think that after kindergarten you can't get in unless the child has had Montessori experience. Beyond that and Faxon Montessori, the public schools in KCMO are generally pretty dismal. I am hoping the state breaks the district up, but I'm a little bit of a radical there. I know not much about Blue Valley's schools except they are supposed to be good. I would hate to be guilty of telling someone to live in Johnson County Kansas but if it's schools you are looking for, I know they are pretty good. Leawood and Mission, not too bad either. I know nothing about Parkville's schools. In the end, everything is, of course, what you make of it. (You might also look into >>> Center School District, which is on the Kansas City side but is not part of the urban school district, kind of an independent island. I hear little about it, which is probably a good sign. Nice neighborhoods that way, too.)


amandapg January 26, 2012

Many thanks for the reply - I keep reading and hearing bad things about KCMO schools. I wanted to be urban - not suburban in JOCO. I've heard that Blue Valley has great schools but can be tough for kids to fit in, especially if a bit different. We've been looking into Parkville....might be our best compromise. I'll have to look into Center School District - I don't know where that is or what the boundaries are so will be interesting to check out. Thanks again!


summerg February 7, 2012

I never write posts, but after reading yours I felt compelled. : ) I'm an occupational therapy practitioner for a local school district (not mentioned below). I have a child whom attends North Kansas City School District (chapel Hill elementary) and I have been very pleased. My child has adhd and sensory issues and they've been very helpful in providing services even though he doesn't qualify for an iep. he marches to the beat of a different drum shall we say, and he doesn't get bullied!! Whatever you do, do not send your child to KCMO schools...they're bad. Like I said I work in special ed. ; ) I've also heard that North Kansas City has one of the best special education departments in the state. From what Ive heard they've set the standard and most schools are trying to copy their model. That being said my husband and I are looking to move and we have also been researching local districts. Liberty is supposed to be excellent and the test scores are good at Park Hill. I read some pretty mixed reviews on park hill on this website so I'm thinking of sticking with NKC. My nephew attends Liberty Schools and enjoys it very much. If you learn anything new please let me know.


DACIAJ March 11, 2012

If you are in the Kansas City School District area I highly suggest University Academy Charter school. I know it has everything your looking for from personal experience. You can schedule a tour at 412-5900. Good Luck. Otherwise consider Blue Springs or Lees Summit School district. Kansas City school district has lost its accredidation I have a son at the Foreign Language Academy now I am trying to enroll him in University Academy with his brother. GOOD LUCK


dollarsmum June 2, 2012

I have noticed this late but Center School district is between (roughly depending on which streets you are between) 85th and 115th Street between Stateline Road and the LIttle Blue. They have a wonderful SPED it depends on what kind of IEP you have as to which school you would want to be a part of....we have a terrific Autism program and a inclusive program for all SPED...and one of the few PEGS programs for gifted children. We have 4 elementary schools, 1 middle school and 1 high school. Center District 58 is a bit like a small...urban community. We have a lot of families that are generational Centerites. Center Senior High School has a wonderful SPED program as well. Check us out!


COMama August 29, 2012

It is probably a little late for this response however I just wanted to say I also had the same concern as one my children was also on an IEP from another state. I specifically moved within Parkhill school district because it is one of the best districts in Missouri. My son has been going to Line Creek for a year and the teachers there are really great and anytime they have had any concerns they call or email me. They sincerely care about the students and I see it with my son.

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