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5401 Gene Field Road
St. Joseph, MO 64506

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(816) 390-6111
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January 11, 2015
Saint Joseph Christian School has been a perfect fit for our family! We had several friends encourage us to consider SJCS as we started looking for a preschool program. We took a tour of the school and have been impressed ever since! Our daughter is now in Kindergarten, and the school continues to exceed our expectations! Our concerns were mainly financial, yet we have come to consider the sacrifice an investment in our child s character and spiritual growth. We love that the school desires to partner with us to point our child to Christ. Our daughter s spiritual needs are being met with daily Bible study, weekly verse memorization, and weekly chapel time. Academically, the curriculum is impressive and the class sizes are small, allowing for more one-on-one time with the teacher. Our daughter is thriving at SJCS, and we look forward to all God has for her there. We are blessed to be a part of this great school!

- submitted by a parent

November 11, 2014
When we enrolled our daughter in pre-k at St. Joseph Christian School, it was really a leap of faith. We didn't have the financial means to commit to 13+ years of Christian education but we couldn't deny the strong leading we felt from the Lord to enroll her here. As He always does, God had a plan and He has provided for our family in amazing ways through the years...we are so grateful for His provision and for St. Joseph Christian School. We could never have guessed all those years ago the impact SJCS would have in our lives. Not only has our daughter received an excellent education founded on biblical truth; our entire family has been supported in our spiritual walk and challenged to grow in our faith. We've come to look at the cost of an education at SJCS as more of an investment--an investment with eternal returns. Of course, the best thing about SJCS isn't a thing; it's the people. We've been so blessed by the SJCS teachers, staff, and the other wonderful Christian families we've met. We are so grateful God led us to SJCS; we can't imagine having our daughter anywhere else!

- submitted by a parent

September 23, 2014
We have been apart of the SJCS family for over 15 years. We thought we would just give it a try for Pre-School for our daughter and we never had a reason to leave! We re-evaluated our decision as she was entering highschool. She wanted to stay and we were very pleased with the high academics that were being offered. She graduated with 22 college credits! Having a strong foundation in her faith, she was able to transition to college very easily and is involved in Campus Ministry. Being apart of a smaller school has afforded our son to be able to participate in many extracurricular activites such as Football, Basketball and Track, as well as be apart of the State Scholar Bowl Team, Student Council and the School Play. All of these are great things, but the main we reason we love SJCS is that there is an atomosphere of faith. Our children are learning to Love the Lord and to love others through our weekly chapel, missions opportunities and community service projects.

- submitted by a parent

September 22, 2014
SJCS tuition. Oh, and about that finances thing, you can make it work too! We just consider it as our car payment and choose to drive cheap cars that are paid off, we don t have cable and are working on fixing up our new house as we can afford. These are small sacrifices when we look at our boys today. At SJCS they are taught and encouraged to find God s Will for THEIR lives and they are equipped with the tools to DO IT!

- submitted by a parent

September 22, 2014
After 1st Grade we knew the public school environment wasn t working for our oldest son. My mom was a Special Ed Teacher and after many discussions with her, we felt like we had to find an environment for our son where people would care enough to find out what motivated this kid or he was going to end up on the Special Ed track. We found St. Joseph Christian School and decided to invest in our son. We didn t really have the money for this, but enrollment testing put him in the 30th percentile in reading and math and we had to do it. Right away the counselor got on it and got us material to work with him over the summer. That 2nd Grade Teacher is probably the reason our son is a productive member of society today. She absolutely dug in to find God s Will for this child and if it didn t happen from one direction, then she re-grouped and went from another until he got it. We got all kinds of notes so that we could work together to get this kiddo up to speed. School wasn t easy for our first son, but at SJCS he learned what it takes for him to be successful and he can do whatever he sets his mind to today because he knows how to learn.

- submitted by a parent

September 22, 2014
So son #2 was ready for pre-school, we loved SJCS, but decided to send him to our church Montessori pre-school because it was cheaper. Money was tight. Well . . . kindergarten rolls around and shortly after school started the teacher advised that he was way behind because he didn t even know his alphabet and the other kids were already reading sight words. When we started working with him on the letters we would go over and over them and when we showed them again later it was like he had never seen them. When we asked him why he wasn t learning his letters he said, That he wasn t ready. We informed him that that was TIME for him to learn his letters NOW! After we removed the Montessori mindset, he had his letters learned in about 2 days. But reading was behind because of this and his teacher worked with him 1-on-1 the whole year. The awesome thing is, he left kindergarten THINKING he was getting 1-on-1 work because he was the BEST reader, not the worst. Because his self-worth was intact, he went on to excel in school.

- submitted by a parent

September 22, 2014
When our third son was ready for school nothing was going to keep us from sending him to SJCS for pre-school and boy are we glad, it has been smooth sailing! Funds are tight, but it's worth it! As my husband and I look back, we always considered SJCS as an alternative to public school maybe for high school to help avoid the kids getting off on the wrong track, but with what we know now, Pre-School, Kindergarten and First Grade are CRITICAL to lay a solid foundation for the REST of the school career!

- submitted by a parent

September 22, 2014
We initially chose SJCS for academics, what we stay for now, because funds are tight, is the faith family that we get to do life with. We didn t realize how much God was left out of the public school until we found how much He is a part of SJCS. Our oldest son came home one day in Second Grade and informed us that the 10 Commandments were like punctuation, They make us stop and pause and give meaning to our lives. That was precious to us as new Christians. A pastor once told us that 90% of raising your kids is who they hang out with. We KNOW the families our kids are hanging out with. We KNOW that for the most part their values and beliefs match with ours. In the 7th Grade our middle son lost his left eye in a fireworks accident. It was devastating. He was the quarterback of the football team and had to redefine WHO he was. The school rallied around us and shouldered so much that it really eased the burden of having to walk through such a trial. Two years later our house burned. It was pretty humbling to NEED so much again so soon, but the SJCS Families blew us away again by the outpouring of love and support and again helped us walk through such a trial.

- submitted by a parent

September 16, 2014
Private Christian education isn t for everyone, but for our family, it has been the best decision. Now, having three children here for over 7 years, I am thankful for the great gift we have received through SJCS - an excellent education, friendships with like-minded children/families, spiritual equipping for the present and the future all built upon the foundation of God's word. We had to sacrifice much for this choice and also learned to trust God in new ways as He provided perfectly! Yet, another reason to consider SJCS - to have a strong "ally" in our children s lives with their spiritual interest at heart. The staff here go above and beyond to speak directly to our children's hearts and ours as parents! The class sizes are small as well and much easier to manage, making individual attention easier and making it more difficult for students to fall in the cracks. It is a blessing beyond what I could have imagined.

- submitted by a parent

September 15, 2014
St. Joseph Christian school was a tremendous help to our family as we moved into town from another state. We were worried about the academic level of our early elementary student. Since she has minor learning disabilities, we were afraid St. Joseph Christian was going to be too difficult for her. She thrived due to smaller class sizes and the individual attention her teachers were able to provide for her. I never knew a school could be so knowledgeable in assisting us with our children. My oldest daughter enjoys participating on the athletic teams in middle school. We are so thankful for St. Joseph Christian School and the opportunities it has provided for our children.

- submitted by a parent

September 09, 2014
St. Joseph Christian School is a great place to have my kids. Their biblical teaching goes right along with what we teach at home and my kids are challenged not only with academics, but with their faith. My daughter is going on her first mission trip this year in large part because of how she has been inspired by SJCS!

- submitted by a parent
no rating
August 01, 2009
We have had our kids attend SJCS for the past 12 years, and cannot think of a better place for them to be educated! The staff truly cares, and the parents are highly encouraged to be a part of their children's education process through field trips, and class projects. We feel blessed that there is this school right here in St. Joseph as an option for Christian families.

- submitted by a parent
no rating
April 15, 2009
I have had two sons graduate from SJCS and I have one more still there. My sons attended a good public school for eleven years, so I think I can make a good evaluation of this school compared to public education. The public education was free but came with a price; if my childs eternal destiny was considered, the public school was extremely expensive. They taught evolution, homosexual tolerance, and a secular worldview. They were intolerant of any teacher who might use a Bibical reference to make an ethical point. At SJCS, my boys were streched and grown spiritually beyond what I could have expected. The chapels were tremendous and both of my sons were chosen to lead Bible small groups. The teachers are Christ dedicated (99% of them, at least, I believe) and do a great job of teaching every subject from a God-centered prospective. No contest!

- submitted by a parent

April 13, 2009
Though not perfect, SJCS is the best school in town! I especially want to thank the board, administration and teachers and parent volunteers for all they do to make our school such a great place for my family. I thank the Lord for SJCS! Never lose your 'Jesus first' perspective.

- submitted by a parent

April 04, 2009
The education is fair- I have never had a child in public school- but when a teacher told me that she tried to adjust my childs grade so that she could 'earn' an A for that quarter- I had a problem. If my child didn't earn an A- don't give it to them. I TOTALLY AGREE with the statements made about how if you have money or your grandparents have money- then you aren't going to be disciplined the same as the other kids. SJCS is turning into a PRIVATE SCHOOL with a Christian Cirriculum, instead of a Christ focused school. It is all about the money. Parents aren't allowed to attend school board meetings and you have to be invited to be on the school board. So the average Joe that is outspoken isn't going to be invited to be on the board. My heart breaks for this school

- submitted by a parent
no rating
October 29, 2008
My children not only received a top-knotch academic education, they grew in thier faith and were able to communicate that faith once they went away to college. In my experience, they had ample opportunities to excel in extra curricular activities and felt they were better prepared for thier college experience than most of thier college friends coming from the public schools. Perfect? of course not. The best I have seen so far? ABSOLUTELY! It is worth every penny and more.

- submitted by a parent

September 01, 2008
After attending this school for 12 years, I can honestly say I would not suggest this school. Is the education a cut above the rest? Hardly. The math and science department were strong, but the english, history and the highly neglected arts programs were lackluster. As far as a Christian environment, rules and religion are highly mixed. This school did not facilitate my spiritual growth. If anything, it inhibited it, because I was so angry with the corrupt leaders of the school at the time when I was a student. Certain students were heavily favored and they never were disciplined for blatant infractions. Until the school spends more time and money on important issues of the school, I cannot suggest this school for any perspective parent. Take your child to a public school, where they will have opportunities to express themselves and be involved in activities they

- submitted by a community member

June 10, 2007
I attended SJCS for 12 years and I had a lot of great experinces, but unfortunatly I had more bad experiences then good. If you are open minded and have opinions this is not the place for you. If you are interested in Math or Science SJCS is a great school, but when it came to Art, History, and English I must say that they failed miseralbly. In college I had a lot of catching up to do because of how SJCS failed. From my experience if you are not the cookie cutter Christian that they want you to be you will struggle!! I hope things have improved since I graduated, but unfortunatly I do not believe that they have.

- submitted by a student

June 05, 2007
I think saint joseph christian is the best school i have ever seen in my life! not only does it talk about God but it also teaches academics! all the kids i have met there are all bright and fun.

- submitted by a parent

December 18, 2006
St. Joseph Christian School has provided my children with an excellent Biblical and Academic Education. Is it perfect? No. No place is perfect this side of heaven. My children have grown spiritually and academically at St. Joseph Christian. I am thankful for the school and a staff that considers discipling children to be their ministry.

- submitted by a parent

September 20, 2006
we are students at sjcs.... seniors to be exact! yay! ok, well, although this school isn't perfect, it is a wonderful place to get a high quality education and grow spiritually. it has influenced us a lot. the environment is so much better here than a worldly environment somewhere else. also, if you are going to complain you should stand behind your comment and put your name! ;) thanks have a nice day! go lions!

- submitted by a student

September 06, 2006
I am the Dad of three students. A Senior,Sophomore and a 5th Grader. We have been involved with the school for 13 years. My wife and I wanted the best education that we could provide for our kids. Is St. Joseph Christian perfect? The answer is no. But it clearly a cut above. The teachers are there because they love to teach. Many parents are heavily involved as they want to see the school successful.The tuition doesn't keep us from eating and living indoors.I don't beleave there is a 5 star school this side of Heaven so my responce is a solid 4 stars based on the last 13 years of experience.

- submitted by a parent

June 20, 2006
The school is awesome, the circulium is great, the teachers and staff are wonderful and very caring. It's a wonderful Christian atmosphere and we are so very blest to have this school in St. Joseph!

- submitted by a teacher

May 29, 2006
I went to this school and I will tell you it was not a school I would ever want to go back to. The some teachers are great, you feel like they realy care about the students Coach R, Mrs Pedersen,Coach M some others. But then there are some that dont. The school used to be based on the Christian values, now however, it is all based on how much money you have in your checking account. Which is totally the wrong way. And they dont disipline like they should. They favor the more wealthy students as well as some of the teachers children. I went there and I would never consider sending my kids there. I know what goes on behind those doors. And I am not proud to say I went there. I got the one thing i needed from them, my diploma thats all.

- submitted by a student

February 21, 2006
I had a child attend St. Joseph Christian School from grade school through high school graduation. I have seen firsthand how things are done and what things are important to the school. I can honestly say that the education my child recieved at the school prepared my child for college. However, that said I also saw how the school influenced my child. The school tends to focus more on rules, policies, and how others view them, rather than instill Godly principles and character in the students. It seems that the school lacks leadership and guidance. The school seems to have lost sight of what is of real importance-developing Godly young men and women.

- submitted by a parent

October 31, 2005
While the mission and concept behind the beginnings of the school are outstanding, in reality we fall way short of what Christ expects from us. We do not lead by example, but behind the 50's & 60's philosophy of 'do as I say not as I do'. When our teachers, administrators, and school leaders fail to hold themselves and their family members to the same high standards they hold every other student, we fail not only our students, but the community we try and reach. We continue to have higher educational standards the the local public schools, but is that enough? Our goal is not a more educated study body, but one that through education can influence their community for Christ. Higher educational standards, yes. Higher moral standards, not right now, maybe you can help.

- submitted by a parent

August 06, 2005
St. Joseph Christian has great potential to make your kids not want to be Christians after high school. The small student body is great, and the work will prepare students for college, but the morals and values tend to be a little messed up. There is also a big disreguard for the arts, and too much focus on sports. Mostly, it isn't what I would call a desirable 'christian' education.

- submitted by a student

November 08, 2004
St. Joseph Christian is a great school. I would recommend it to any parent who desires an excellent education, and a moral environment for their child. They also have solid athletic programs- including an exelent football team coached by one of the best 8-man coaches in the nation.

- submitted by a student

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St. Joseph Christian School provides a Christ-centered education for college, technical, and career-bound students. SJCS seeks to facilitate a quality arts, academics, and athletic program to meet the needs of the students and parents in the community.

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St Joseph Christian School
5401 Gene Field Road, St. Joseph, MO  64506
(816) 390-6111
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