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Is MICDS worth the money?


cariesmith October 4, 2010

Our family is considering moving to St. Louis area. How does MICDS compare to public schools in Ladue, or Clayton, Chesterfield area? We have a 4th grader. Is MICDS worth the money??

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jbbutler January 22, 2011

Depends on your kids. Public schools are in Clayton are great. The district deals with a lot of political issues but, at the end of the day, the kids have a lot of resouces and they thrive. I'd say, that most families who have kids at MICDS distinctly prefer the private educational system and their kids fit the structure of the school. Schedule an tour/appointment @ the school with your kid(s). See if it's a fit.


Scholarch February 5, 2011

One of my children attended high school and graduated from MICDS. The academic education she received at MICDS focusing on math and science prepared her to do extremely well at an exclusive college and to be admitted to a top tier business school directly after graduating from college. She developed a love of the arts at MICDS which enriches her life now. My son entered MICDS in an earlier grade and is a student there now. He has different academic interests from his sister with interests in literature and history. They both share an interest in sports and theater. MICDS has been terrific for my children. I have a postgraduate degree and have been involved as a volunteer with both public and other private schools in the St. Louis region and in the East. In my opinion, MICDS is one of the great schools in the United States. It provides diverse and excellent educational opportunities for its students. Visit MICDS, talk to teachers and parents to see if the school is a good fit for your child. Do the same with other schools so you may compare. Make a decision based on your personal investigation and be aware that there are misconceptions about MICDS in the community as there are about other schools. I have found that the educational and life experiences provided my children by MICDS are definitely worth every cent our family has paid in tuition and more. In many ways they are invaluable. Best wishes to your family and welcome to St. Louis.


FaithHeals August 7, 2011

In general, the private schools here like to toot their own horns quite a bit but in reality have little substance. My child went to two private schools (not the one you mention) before finding a great fit with public. The private schools had an antiquated curriculum that could not challenge him. The public school offered more because the course work is more individualized and the use of technology allows him to be consistently challenged. The benefit is he is able to learn how to be a student in addition to gaining an education. In private schools he never got a test question wrong. Good for my ego, but not good for furthering his abilities as a student.


topperi August 11, 2011

I agree with the first post - schedule a tour and see if you and your child are a good fit. Our experience with MICDS has been wonderful, and I'd disregard the general and perhaps true comments about some other private schools ( e.g., New City) from FaithHeals as MICDS has a modern curriculum and substantial use of tech. Check 'em out.

As for public schools, I can only speak for Rockwood and at Wild Horse Elementary you will not find much help or guidance outside of the main curriculum. Oddly, they blow their own horn quite a bit and actually do not do well with individualized programs or technology.


JohnSmith1234 March 4, 2012

Yes MICDS is a a wonderful school and is definitely worth the money. My two children currently attend there. The curriculum, technology, teachers, and facility are all top notch! We have never been happier with a school!
MICDS is so much better than any other public school in the area. The average ACT scores of all the cities you have listed is a 25; however, MICDS's average ACT score is a 29. Your child will be more well-prepared for college and will probably attend a more prestigious university if he or she attends MICDS. I promise you will not be disappointed with the school! Good luck on your choice! :)

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