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Considering a move to St. Charles County-How are the schools?


lcampbell80 February 23, 2011

My husband and I currently live in Ballwin, MO and our son attends Crestview Middle in the Rockwood School District. Due to the high living costs in and around the Ballwin area we are looking to buy our first home in the Wentzville/St. Charles County area. Given that Rockwood is such a great school district our main concern are the schools out in St. Charles County. We are potentially open to private schools (as long as the cost is reasonable) and public schools in the area. I have already read the reveiws/ratings for the different schools in those areas but it would be great to get opinions and experiences from people who live/lived in those areas.


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klaw29 March 31, 2011

My kids are in the Francis Howell School district. If you go by test scores, Francis Howell is the highest performing district in the county. We chose our neighborhood based on its being in FHSD.
My children are in elementary school, and I am satisfied with their education up to this point. I am a HS teacher at a very well respected school district in St Louis county; I do not know much about Francis Howell HS or MS, but again, they are supposedly the best of the various districts out here (Ft. Zumwalt, Wentzville, St. Charles, and Francis Howell).


lcampbell80 April 1, 2011

Thanks for the info! We are getting ready to close on a house in St Charles so my son will be attending schools in FHSD. It's good to know that test scores are high and the quality is sound. I would love to keep our kiddo in Rockwood but the houses out here are so expensive for the size needed for a growing family. I was worried that because the homes in St Charles county were so reasonable that it could mean low performing school districts.

Thanks again!

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