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Overwhelmed by choices, having trouble narrowing it down....


tracielyn608 February 21, 2012

We are relocating to the area. I am struggling to find what area I'd like to live in, and what school district/ private school to choose. Anyone have any reccomendations on relocating and steps to find right community/schools for our family.

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JohnSmith1234 March 4, 2012

I recommend moving in the west to mid-county proximity. They have the best private and public schools in their areas, and they are safe and wealthy. The areas include Creve Coeur, Ladue, Frontenac, and Clayton. I currently reside in Ladue and my children attend MICDS.
All of those cities I have listed have great public schools. Creve Coeur has the Parkway School District, and if you moved there, your children would probably go to Parkway Central or Parkway Northeast. Parkway has a wonderful reputation and is one of the best in St. Louis,
Ladue also has a great school district, which is just known as Ladue School District, Ladue Horton Watkins High School is the best public high school in St. Louis academically. If you moved to Frontenac, you would either go to a Ladue school or a Parkway school, depending on the area of Frontenac you were in.
Clayton has a wonderful school district, known as Clayton School District. Clayton is at the same level as the Ladue school district academically. However, Clayton will probably be more diverse racially and economically, Ladue being the wealthiest area in St. Louis.
If you end up moving to the cities I have mentioned, then there are a variety of wonderful private schools to choose from. St. Louis has a myriad of Catholic schools, majority of them are parochial, however, I recommend the private Catholic ones because they are more academically challenging. There are also some excellent non-religious schools and all of them are co-ed. If you are sending your child to an elementary school, Oak Hill (PK-6, Catholic, co-ed), Community School (PK-6), The Wilson School (PK-6), Forsyth School (PK-6), Visitation Academy (PK-12, Catholic, all-girls) and MICDS (PK-12) are absolutely wonderful private schools.
If you are planning to send your child to any school going from any area between 7-12 grade, then you should consider the following schools: Villa Duchesne (7-12, Catholic, all-girls), John Burroughs School (7-12), MICDS (PK-12), Visitation Academy (PK-12 Catholic all-girls), and Saint Louis Priory School (7-12 Catholic, all-boys).
Out of all the schools and areas I have listed in my opinion, Ladue is the best area to live in and MICDS is the best school academically, artistically, and athletically from personal experience. I hope my advice helps finds the perfect area and school! Good luck! :)

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