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zorbinger March 16, 2012

My family and I just moved from Boston, and we have 2 sons. One of them is at Washington university in st.louis. The other one is currently at wydown middle school, which is in Clayton. We decided to send our younger son to a private school so that we could buy a cheaper house outside of Clayton. So, he applied for 9th grade at John Burroughs and Saint louis university high. He got wait listed by John Burroughs but accepted by SLUH. We want him to got to SLUH, but he is unsure primarily because it is a Catholic school and our family is atheist. My main question is, would my son be able to do well at SLUH even though he is atheist? He told me that he is willing to learn more about it, but he fears that the other people already know a lot about it.

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billikenfan March 20, 2012

Hi! Welcome to St. Louis. I was browsing through this website and came across your post. I have a son that's a senior now and one that will be a freshman in the fall. All I can say is that I just love SLUH. It is an excellent school with so much to offer. SLUH is known for achieving two goals for each student; to provide an excellent education and to "Become a man for others." their school motto. They feel that the boys need to have a balance of these two goals in order to become a fine young man. Yes, SLUH is a Catholic institution but they stress helping others more than knowing the ten commandments. Regarding the fear that your son may have, SLUH is known to be a kind and understanding community. They have a Director of Discipline and not much gets past him. There are boys of all kinds. That being said, I don' t think your son would be made to feel like an outsider.

I strongly suggest that you make an appointment to speak to Dr. John Moran. He is the principal. He is a great principal and makes an effort to know the boys. He is also very understanding and will welcome your converns. One thing you have going for you in talking to him... is that he's from Boston!!!!

I Wish you much luck in your decision.

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