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looking for a diverse school in St. Louis with good academics.


1seekingjannah January 23, 2013

We are moving to St. Louis in the next few months and we are looking for a diverse school for our kids with a good educational environment and a some AP or advanced classes available. Someone mentioned Soldan is a diverse school but definitions of "diverse" vary. We were told one school was diverse locally but that ment the school had a few African American students.

We are looking for a true culturally diverse school that includes different races, religions and backgrounds. I was wondering if that was the case for this school? Are their any other schools we should consider?

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anothermom72 January 24, 2013

It really depends on so many factors, from your kids' interests to your housing budget. Some (but not all) of the city magnet shools are great and most are diverse. However, it may be a little late to appy for the next year. I suggest looking it up at and calling the magnet school office. You need to test into some of them as well. In suburbs, Olivette is very diverse (both racially and culturally with immigrants from different parts of the world) and belongs to Ladue district which is top-notch. Some other county schools I'd say Creve Coeur, Chesterfield) are pretty diverse as well, have population of people from India, Asia, Eastern Europe. Good luck.


kimmiluv February 5, 2013

Try St.Louis Language Immersion school. It's very diverse, teaching kids to respect and understand each others differences and cultures. The teachers and student aids are from different parts of the world. The school has four different language schools in one; french, spanish, japanese, and chinese. The school is children of mixed income and of different ethnicities. In my opinion, this is the most diversity you can get in the city of St.Louis. I'm not just saying that cause my kid goes there. AND, they have really great after school programs for your child if you don't mind paying a small fee. The school also teaches children about healthy eating habits...AND THEY ACTUALLY USE THEM! Just walk in and apply, no need to contact any magnet office and wait forever for someone to tell you that your child hasn't been picked for the school you had as your FIRST choice.


user5515666 April 10, 2014

Did you move to St. Louis yet? What school did you choose? Were you able to find a diverse school?

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