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MICDS to Clayton Public


Anonymous October 8, 2009

Have 8th grader at MICDS, may let him complete through highschool but have 2 more children, one at MICDS and one in preschool. Already can not afford the 2 at MICDS, let alone a third. I am considering moving into Clayton district. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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Sally10000 October 28, 2009

Ive never heard anything bad about clayton school district! Good Luck


horselover2009 May 8, 2010

I attend Clayton High school and would highly recommend the school dsitrcit to anyone. Lots of kids come from MICDs and prefert clayton to MICDS


ehecker September 19, 2010

Having gone to both schools, myself (graduated from Clayton), Clayton offers an education every bit as good if not better than MICDS without the snobbery and status competition permeating the student culture at MICDS. I think your children will come out of Clayton better prepared for post-high school reality, socially, as well as academically. I also grew up in Clayton. Very nice place but not too insulated. I have never met anyone who has disliked living there.

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