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How did you choose a preschool in Omaha?


tjlove August 14, 2008

How did you choose a preschool in Omaha?

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neetijain January 12, 2010

I too have the same question!


mlb1019 September 15, 2010

I visited the preschools and stood outside of the rooms that my daughter would have been in, listened to how the employees corrected the children. I usually went around lunch time to observe cleanliness and quality of food. I looked at how closed off her room was from the rest of the facility, I like the idea of a room not having too much privacy. I ended up choosing the Downtown YMCA.
They gave swimming lessons and health and fitness classes. Lots of field trips too !!


user5346100 November 1, 2013

I went by convenience instead of logic......transportation. In Omaha it is not offered to little children they want them to walk or they assume everyone has a working car.

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