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my son is starting second semester in tenth grade and he is very smart but hates school and refuses to go .


roxkik January 21, 2009

He requested to be homeschooled . How do I find the classes to do this??

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medmundson January 22, 2009

I'm probably not the best person to answer this, as I'm not a home-schooler (but I do know there are alot of folks locally doing this!). Here is a great resource for getting started:
don't just call them, go over there and learn from the folks working & gathering there, they are the experts! You'll also find the co-op classes where you can have group lessons for specific subjects they need.

If you decide you'd prefer to go private, I've also found some tiny schools offering a 'bridge' between homeschool & private, this one might be an option: (they only have 9 students grades 9-12).

Let us know what you end up doing? I'm in a similar situation with my rising 8th grader, not that he's asked to be home-schooled- he doesn't want me as his teacher ;)...but, that he hates school and needs a very individualized environment...he prefers small schools where everyone is expected to learn, and the kids just accept each other (and, that's not the norm).


healthy11 January 22, 2009

Different states have different rules regarding homeschooling. Some states have their own accredited programs... instead of you providing the curriculum, there are also "cyber schools" (online) which may be an option, especially at the high school level.
Greatschools does have a group for Homeschooling Parents, and I invite you to join it at


TerriG July 22, 2009

HI - I know this has been a long time since you posted this but I just wanted to tell you that I had the same experience. So I let my son take the GED and he passed it! So he is now in community college instead of finishing high school. He felt so bad about 'wasting time sitting in a chair in high school'. Anyway, just wanted to tell you, it's o.k. to think outside the box!

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