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NO MORE YEARBOOKS???? I was told schools will no longer have yearbooks. Anyone else hear about this???


Anonymous March 18, 2009

NO MORE YEARBOOKS???? I was told schools will no longer have yearbooks. Anyone else hear about this???

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MagnetMom March 18, 2009

Hi Anon,

This must be something happening in your school or possibly district. My daughter's school here in SoCal has a yearbook because her teacher is the advisor.

Perhaps you can ask to speak to the principal and find out the reason why. If enough parents support having a year book, it can still be reinstated. Usually when something like a yearbook is dropped it's because of lack of funds and/or lack of adequate adult help. If either is the case, maybe some of the parents can help.

Good luck and let us know what you find out.


healthy11 March 18, 2009

I was going to echo the same thoughts as Magnetmom.....I see you're in LasVegas, and I know the housing crisis and economy is devastating your area worse than many; schools are in severe financial difficulty. I'd guess the decision is primarily due to funding issues. From what I've seen, companies who publish formal yearbooks generally count on a certain number of sales, in order to offset their publication costs. Many families are struggling to afford basic necessities, and not buying books.

If the yearbook was produced internally, perhaps there have been staff reductions, and the teacher who had been in charge of the yearbook has been laid off, or maybe they're still around, but have had to take on extra responsibilities from some other teacher who was laid off.

When I was in college, my university announced they would not be publishing a yearbook, because they lacked staff volunteers. I was active in a lot of organizations, and while I didn't have prior yearbook experience, I spread the word to many other students, and ultimately they got photographers and editors and a new team of volunteers to do the work, and I got a formal "dedication of thanks" (plus a yearbook!) for my effort. Money I couldn't have helped with, but finding volunteers was within my ability.

As Magnetmom suggested, maybe you could find fellow parents willing to help. If nothing else, maybe you can at least ensure there are "class photos" taken, so that kids will have a memory of their year, even if it's not in a formal bound book.


Krstas April 5, 2009

My son is in middle school and I paid for his year book at the beggining of th year, so as far as I know, we are still getting it. We live in SW Las Vegas.

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