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Young Orchestra/Symphony Music Programs in Las Vegas Public School/County


moving2NV March 23, 2011

Hello, our family is moving to Las Vegas, Nevada this summer. We have two sons that play the viola and one that plays alto saxophone. My youngest is in strings as a 4th grader, my other two sons started playing in elementary as well, now in Middle and High Schools. We're very fortunate that Northern Virginia supports greatly Music Arts by providing various youth programs in public schools and counties. We would like for our children to continue playing their instruments in NV. Are there any Music Arts Programs within the public schools and/or Clark county/LV cities? Where can I start to look for more information? I will appreciate any input. Thx.

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gogatrs March 27, 2011


My daughter is in the most advanced orchestra at Green Valley High School in Henderson, NV. We moved here from Texas in October and specifically moved to this area for the orchestra program's reputation along with the academics offered. Green Valley High School and Greenspun Middle School in Henderson both have impressive music programs. My daughter recently heard the middle school's orchestra and remarked on how well they played. GVHS Band performed in the Rose Parade this year and the orchestra performed at Carnegie Hall. We came from a school that had orchestra plus a unique string group by audition only that performed World Music and this area doesn't have anything like that unfortunately. If you have anymore questions, I'd love to tell you what I know so far about the schools.


moving2NV April 4, 2011

Thank you Gogatrs for replying:0)
Henderson is one of the cities we are aiming to reside. With the help of GreatSchools we can clearly see that Henderson have good schools. I would love to have more contact with you.
Could you email me and exchange more contact info.?
Thanks again:0)


shaizme April 10, 2011

You should also check out Hyde Park Middle school. They have a fabulous orchestra program. They have 5 different levels from beginning to chamber. The higher levels often compete with high schools and win. It is a magnet & public school mixed. Magnet students go an hour longer and have different class schedules than the regular public school. The rating of 8 is because the public school students are factored in. As far as high schools there is LVA & Clark High also have great orchestra programs. Clark is also a Magnet/public school mix. If you look at their ratings, it is because it is not a great neighborhood and the public school students bring the ratings way down. But read the reviews. LVA is a school of the Arts and you won't beat their music programs.


moving2NV April 25, 2011

Thank you Shaizme,
I am looking forward to visit these schools ones we get to LV:0)


ctran04 May 30, 2011

Hey! Don't forget about the Magnet school program. KO Knudsun is the music middle school and The Las Vegas Academy is the preforming arts High school. The Las Vegas Academy (LVA) is a nationally recognized school both academically and musically. It was rated as one of the top ten schools in the nation by Buisness Week as well. If you really want your kids in the best music programs, send them to LVA


MerylSchulte October 24, 2011

I agree with ctran04. If your children absolutely love playing their instruments, I would look into the magnet programs. They offer great opportunities, from performing all over the valley for public events to travelling gigs in different states and countries. LVA also focuses strongly on academics.

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