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Challenger summerlin or Merryhill Alta? But with some care and nurture included not just education


iisaroe January 13, 2012

Help im totally torn between MerryHill on Alta or Challenger summerlin on Cheyenne, Challenger has everything education wise, but i still want my son to be an individual and to be nurtured and cared for his is only 4 , he is due to start Pre K any ideas thoughts much appreciated

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MagnetMom January 27, 2012

Hi lisaroe,

Make sure you read the parent reviews for each school.

You can find them by typing in the info here:

Talk to parents at each school, tour them, and then you can know you made the right decision. Also the link I provided has some great articles to help you know you made the right choice.

Good luck!


violinist1 January 31, 2012

I have been a Challenger parent to 3 girls ages 10, 7 and now 5. All of them started in Pre K 4yrs. Challenger is WAY better and fun for the kids! We looked at Merryhill, Day School, Cornerstone, Faith Luthern. Challenger is the best learning using fun pictures and songs to help them develope the best reading/math skills. My girls are now Pre K 4yr, 2nd and 5th grade. I love Challenger. Down side is parent involvement, they believe in independance for the kids but I'm so involved as a Mom that this works for us. Arts, music, theater, language are not strong...but they exist. My girls are all active in Broadway, Ballet, Violin/piano, voice, dont be afraid that Challenger is too much work. They have time for many activities. I have found in 7yrs that the parents who say their kids have hours of homework is more from the parent pushing for only A's. My view is happy, balanced kids. In girls' avg. hmwrk time is 40min per night. Big assignments may be 1.5hr. My 5th grader is an A/B and 1 C student and my 2nd grader is all A's. My Pre K now is MWF all day and loves her teachers and classmates. It took her 2months to get in the groove, but we love it. I highly recommend Challenger especially from Pre K-1st grade for sure. Once that is finished they will be more than ready for any school. Hope this helps. :)


LasVegasJen February 26, 2012

I currently have 2 children at Challenger School, in Pre-K and Kindergarten, they both started just a little over a year ago. I highly recommend Challenger School. Yes, it is challenging academically, but my preschooler loves going and has a lot of fun. The preschool program is the best and my children absolutely loved going there. They use songs to teach concepts and this seems to be both fun and effective. Despite what others have posted, I have found that the teachers are very nurturing and encouraging. I think that Challenger Preschool is the best in town.

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