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13880 Stead Blvd
Reno, NV 89506

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(775) 677-4500
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September 01, 2014
If you are looking for very large class sizes then this is the school for you. I saw a commercial for this school on tv. I made an appointment to take a tour and the school seemed like a nice place to put my son. There are over 30 students in my sons class. This is not ok and the principal should be ashamed to have a school with this many kids packed into one room. I asked the teacher if they got any help with all of these kids and they said sometimes. Sometimes??? this is not ok. My son needs extra help and I don't feel a large class size will help him at all. It is my understanding that most of the classrooms at this school are over crowded. After reading the last comment on this website it makes sense that all the principal wants is money for the kids because why else would they want their classrooms so over crowded it is not beneficial in any sort of way. After researching schools in this area I know that the other schools only allow up to 20 students in their classroom...Pulling my son out as soon as possible. I hope the principal reads these reviews and realizes what he or she is doing to their nice little school.

- submitted by a parent
August 12, 2014
There is little to no communications from Mr.Schoenfeldt to staff on a lot of things there is no more small class size average classes size atm is 30 students per one teacher all Mr.Schoenfeldt is more worried about is filling seats to get the $6,500 per student from the state than he is about the children He also refuses to get rid of teachers that constantly have complaints against them by parents year after year but don't get me wrong there some good teachers there for example Mrs Holmes 2nd grade, Mr., Schum 3rd grade , Mr.B and Mrs. Wise 5th and 6th grade are all great teachers But even a great teachers can only do so much when not given the proper tools example how is a science teacher suppose to be able to teach science if there is no running water in the class room how are teacher suppose to copy things when the school refuses to buy paper or ink The best words of advice that I can give you is if you have a child At SNACS is go Volunteer for a while and you will see how fast this school has gone down hill since 2013-2014 school year

- submitted by a community member
October 22, 2013
Sierra Nevada Academy Charter School. My daughter has been attending SNACS for two years and we love it. The staff is attentive and caring. The teachers are superb. Most of the criticism stems from parents who are unwilling or incapable of helping their students at home. Students receive a lot of one on one time and the staff knows everyone. The kids in the school are all familiar with each other regardless of grade due to the size of the school. While it may not be newest school or have great ambiance like they do over on the South side of Reno, the school does absolutely fantastic for what they have and are always striving to improve. Perhaps some of those parents who complain should try to volunteer some time and help out if they know so much. I am a proud parent and proud to say my daughter goes to SNACS.

- submitted by a parent
February 18, 2013
I am a pre-service teacher doing my pre-clincial hours with SNAC. I have had such a lovely experience at this school. The teacher I am working with is very educated and is constantly doing new training to perfect her skills. I was surprised to see comments stating no music and art because in my time I have witnessed both a third party music teacher who comes in and works with the students (with instruments) and an art teacher that comes in and works with various mediums with the students. Security is also something I was very impressed with-locked school grounds and locked classrooms. I would feel very safe sending my children here and commend them for taking strong measures to protect their students! Love SNAC

- submitted by a community member
July 19, 2012
My daughter went to first grade here. While her teacher was nice the class room was chaos. The kids would be allowed in the hall unsupervised to do their "reading". While I am all for different methods of teaching I don't know how they learned anything. The last thing that made me pull my daughter out was that they let her go on a field trip with out my knowledge. She had not not made the "cut" to go but when the teacher asked who was going she raised her hand and was allowed to go. My daughter was sent with no money or things she needed. She was no on any sort of master list so I don't know how they knew she was even with the group. When I confronted the principal about it all he said was "sorry" she made it home safe that should be good enough. Well it wasn't so I pulled her out homeschooled her. This place is a joke!

- submitted by a parent
May 16, 2012
Teachers only communicate when telling you what your child did wrong or what they didn't do. No teacher encouragement. Classrooms are chaotic, teachers are constantly screaming while at their desk. Middle school building smells like a gym locker....(there are no windows to open). I feel as though I should do jail time for subjecting my son to this school.

- submitted by a parent
May 14, 2012
Excellent teachers and staff, I have gone in and observed multiple classes. The teachers vary in teaching styles, but I've never once have I doubted it. I have a nephew attending now, and my daughter attended when it first started. She is now in the fast track medical school program at the University of Nevada Reno, and I believe the study skills she learned at SNACS, carried on to the future in medicine she is now persuing. I'm extremely excited to see how my nephew develops the next few years at this school! Come to SNACS if you want smaller classroom and more teacher involvement in your students life.

- submitted by a parent
December 13, 2009
I love this school so far! I'm in 7th grade and I can't wait to come back for 8th grade. The teachers are nice and the homework is decent. I've told my friends about this school and they're coming to this school for 8th grade.

- submitted by a student
August 09, 2009
I've been attending SNA since I was in 4th grade, and I will be going into 8th grade on the 24th. This school is great. AT my other school, the teachers treated us like garbage, and they didn't care about homework or classwork, all they cared about was reading out of a textbook. Although some of the teachers at SNA are rude to the students, that doesn't make it a bad school. I think all the teachers pushing me to succeed is what helps me be a good student. I'm now at a freshman in college level in reading, and a freshman in college level in vocabulary. And it's all because I decided to go to SNA! Thank you guys so much!

- submitted by a student
March 04, 2009
SNACS is a terrific school. My child has attended this school since 3rd grade & is currently in 7th grade. She has excelled as a student due to the nurturing and caring attitudes of her teachers. She has either acheived Principal's Award (straight A's) or Honor Roll (A's & B's) since she has been a student attending this school. The middle school teachers go out of their way to help students succeed in a variety of ways, including outdoor labs and activities. I am very pleased with the entire staff. They are very accomodating in any way possible. As for another an earlier post from a parent complaining about summer work, there is none, except to read. This does help children succeed. Kudos to the entire SNACS staff and administrators. Thank you!

- submitted by a parent
no rating January 12, 2009
I have never seen such a small school with such a large adminstration. It Seems appropritate to spend more of the money on axtracurricular activities for the students, or put more funds towards supplies for classroom. So many problems and unhappy parents makes me think the school is being very poorly managed.

- submitted by a parent
January 08, 2009
Great school, great teachers - the best 'before and after school' program for Kindergarten!

- submitted by a parent
November 06, 2008
Great school great staff I love it

- submitted by a parent
October 14, 2008
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
October 13, 2008
This school works hard to dedicate themselves to my children. I have found that other schools do not offer the uniqueness that SNACS does. The teachers, administration, and staff work hard to allow for my children to succeed. I am pleased with the position the school takes.

- submitted by a parent
October 10, 2008
You are better off homeschooling your child than attending this school. With the amount of homework and summer work your child receives that you have to do with your child you will wonder what the teacher is doing all day. They have some great teachers yes, but they also have some real lousy ones that do not know how to handle children except for yelling at them all day long. That is the form of discpline they speak of in their mission statement? Attempting to talk to the principal is impossible as you can rarely catch her, though you can usually get a meeting with her now husband the vice principal who appears to listen but does not get anything done about resolving the problem. There is a small playground. There is no PE or music as they claim to have.

- submitted by a parent
no rating May 02, 2008
I was a student at SNA for 2nd 3rd, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade and I find it to be an awesome school. Yes, I'll agree there is no art, music or p. e. anymore like there use to be, but I still love that school alot. The teachers were always nice and when you needed help with some work they helped out, some classes were large but we still got the one-on-one help we needed. I may just be a student but I'm still standing up for that school because it was one of my favorite schools I had gone to, and I love volunteering there to help out.

- submitted by a student
April 08, 2008
I feel this school lacks good leadership and due to the lack of good leadership, SNA is losing good quality teachers. The Board of Directors needs to step in and take control of SNA and look into what is really going on at SNA under the leadership of its Principal and Assistant Principal. I question the morals and ethics of both for several reasons. I also have great concern regarding the schools financials. Its disappointing to see that 2 individuals are allowed to tarnish the reputation of a once great school. I hope that the Board takes a serious look at what is going on and start listening to the parents. My kids love this school and I hope that something is done soon.

- submitted by a parent
March 30, 2008
I am a little disapointed with this school. My daughter has a nice teacher but the website for this school states that they have new and inovative curriculum-where? It also says they have a p.E program-where? I feel they have false advertised their school. charter schools are supposed to be known for their curriculum this one disapoints.

- submitted by a parent
no rating January 17, 2008
My child has been at this school for more than 5 yrs and has done awesome. No other school would challenge her as much as this school has. She is doing college level spelling and 9th grade math level as well as reading level that is higher than her grade so she is not bored and getting into trouble like previous school. the teachers have been great. I love that I can be helping at school as much as I want as a volunteer, they encourage us parents to be there.

- submitted by a parent
January 10, 2008
My children began at SNA when it first opened it's doors. We were skeptical, to say the least, after the first year of operation. However; we stuck with it and all of my children completed 5-7 years there. We had a great experience! My children are successful today in highschool because of their experience at SNA. The entire staff was very supportive of my children's academic and social success. They had personal learning plans and ensured my children met their goals each quarter. They rewarded children for reaching their goals and succeeding. I always felt welcomed and encouraged to attend classes. There were issues that came up along the way, but I always felt the school grew as they found a proper solution. As a newly formed school, they have established themselves as successful in always making AYP (state test scores) and keeping financial ground.

- submitted by a parent
no rating October 24, 2007
We moved to nv last year and my daughter attended sna. Her teacher was so unorganized. She never brought home information on events unless they were for fun not education. I live about 4 min from sna and I drive 30 min to take my daughter to another school. I was very disappointed with sna. If you are considering Charter schools you are probably doing it for the same reasons I did, Keep looking!

- submitted by a parent
August 09, 2007
My child has been attending SNA for three years and will not be returning for the 07/08 school year. SNA has had good teachers, but it seems that they are constantly burned out from demands placed on them by administration. The class sizes are very large with an assistant for a very short time. The classes lack supplies and curriculum and there is a lack of art, music, or p.e. classes. I have countered incredibly rude staff at school events and have often been surprised as to how the staff communicates so disrespectful to the students. I have really watched this school go downhill over the past several years. Not impressed.

- submitted by a parent
July 10, 2007
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
June 02, 2007
6/07 SNA has great teacher's, but I have to agree, they have lost a part of their vision. 5 yrs ago when one of my kids started there, there was more involvement 1 on 1 with the kids. Now, if a child gets picked on or beat up they get suspended rather they fought back or not, what is that teaching them? These issue's also affect the kids adademics and ability to learn.

- submitted by a parent
May 10, 2007
My Children have been going to SNA for 3 years now. I do like the fact that there is a lot of parental involvement, however, I have to agree with another comment about the passion dwindling recently. The School needs to re-focus on why it was started in the first place. This school is great in every other way. The staff is friendly and interact with the children well. Most of the teachers I have encountered have taught the children wonderfully. If any parents out there would like a school opportunity for their children without going to the Public system, this is a good place for them to be.

- submitted by a parent
April 05, 2007
Sierra Nevada Academy has an awesome group of individuals who care about their students education and well being. Sierra Nevada Academy has consistently improved in all testing areas. Sierra Nevada Academy scores above Washoe County school district in the areas of Reading, Math as well as Science. Your child will be safe at this school unlike the closest junior high. The students at this school are exposed to many outdoor and family activities. SNA has 2 family campouts per year. This is really a family atmosphere. Your child will learn according to their abilities.

- submitted by a parent
January 19, 2007
I was a student at SNA for years. I saw turnover in staff and students. With so many leaving the exciting spirit of the Charter school lost its vision. I did learn alot there, especially with Mrs. Weiss. There were no sports teams and problems with discipline.

- submitted by a former student
December 15, 2006
My daughter had been attending SNA since Kinder Garden not to mention that I was very happy because she was there up to 6th grade, in addition my other little one was just barely starting there as well but teachers do not have the passion of teaching like teachers from couple of years ago, seems to me that they are losing interesting on what they used to be so good TEACHING and what is more important keep the good relation ship among teachers and parents, and it really breaks my heart having to move my children to a different school.

- submitted by a parent
October 24, 2006
SNA was once a good school. The classes have gotten to big and they have forgotten why they started.

- submitted by a parent
June 14, 2005
Well ok here is what I have to say about sna, we have been there going on 5 years this will be out 5th year and what I know is only in referance to my own observation. I couldnt be more happy with the staff in middle school as well as elementry. Our teacher are why I have stayed the five years. We have great parents that are always there to help out in anyway. I on the other hand have never been to impressed with out administration, there is just no passion and they dont participate as they should. Its as if they separate us from them and thats just really discouraging when you think about it. there are more reasons to like and stay at sna but there is that one thing that I really find bothers me in a very personal way. My children feel the same.

- submitted by a parent
September 08, 2004
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
April 24, 2004
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent

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Sierra Nevada Academy Charter
13880 Stead Blvd, Reno, NV  89506
(775) 677-4500
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