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My son is an only, as am I, and he is so sensitive to being teased. Any advice?


nikkirtst May 20, 2009

We have tried explaining to him that the more he shows that something bothers him, the more the kids will tease him. He is now 9 and running home crying to Mommy isn't helping out any. It hurts me to see him go through this,

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strive4mybaby May 21, 2009

Why are they teasing him? Kids can be cruel. I too am an only child and so is my daughter. Try explaining to your son if he makes a joke about it or laughs with the people teasing him they will move on to new things. I know it's hard to explain let alone understand why kids do what they do but maybe you should talk to his peers before it really gets bad. I have read alot of stories lately about how kids killed themselves over less than teasing so tred lightly and good luck


llee814 May 21, 2009

Are you saying he is being teased for being an only child or that you think he is overly sensitive because he is an only child???


nikkirtst May 21, 2009

he is definately oversensitive due to being an only


tjlove May 21, 2009

It sounds like he needs some strategies to help him deal with the teasing. Here are some links to some GreatSchools articles that might help you:
Books About Bullying:

What parents can do about bullying:

And here is a link to all the articles that came up when I searched "bullying." Hopefully some of these will prove helpful.


rjmorgan May 26, 2009

Have him start a karate school, like Progressive Martial Arts, that works with kids and self confidence.

Involve him in activities, sports, things he can enjoy and do with other kids.

Things that help a kids self esteem and confidence and feelings of acceptance by other kids and then he won't really care about a few kids that tease him now, when they could become meaningless by the end of the summer.


iluvagaupt May 26, 2009

I don't know about being an only child. I come from a big family. We either had to roll with the punches or get left out. I endured lots of torture being the youngest. I think maybe a self defense class like Karate will help build self-esteem and confidence. I think his new confidence will show and it will give him pride and encouragement. Maybe a team sport or club. This may help him get some friends his age and a sense of belonging with his peers.


TeacherParent June 2, 2009

Where does this teasing happen? Yes, we all need to develop some thick skin to get through life and your son's reactions are too strong but - where are the teachers in this? Teachers should not tolerate teasing. Teasing is a kind of bullying - that your son is overly sensitive likely earns him extra attention from these emotional bullies and you should work with him on that but - where are the teachers? The bullies need to be worked with too.
His classroom teacher for even the rest of this year as well as next year should issue a 'no teasing 'round here' rule. Teasing doesn't make for a good school day for anyone - the teased child or the bully child who's learning that it's ok to tease another child. Indeed, that your son overreacts is what should make the other children STOP teasing him.
Their teacher needs to explain to them all that we all react differently and some of us react strongly. Just as we are all learning how best to be - and it's best to respond thoughtfully when someone says something mean - it's even better for us to be a school community where no one says mean things. "Whatever do you mean, Billy, by saying these things to Jon? Do I speak that way to you? What's your point? To torment Jon? Why?"

We need to never bully bullies -that doesn't help - but we can and should make them squirm a bit. I don't disagree - it would certainly help your son to learn these hurtful words are only words that only hurt as much as he lets them. But your son and every other sensitive child will only learn those lessons when they feel safe and supported by their teacher(s) as well as by their parents. These teasing children should not be given the opportunity to ride roughshod over your sensitive son. His response to it is not helpful but the first thing that's gone wrong here are the other children and the teachers that allow their teasing.

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