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looking for other mom's with a child who has NLD


detfig1 September 27, 2008

Hi, I am a mom of a 13 year old son in 8th grade with non-verbal learning disorder.
I am looking to connect with another mom with a child around the same age with the same diagnoses to exchange stories.

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Noreenb May 5, 2012

Hello: I'm from Sacramento and have a recently diagnosed 8-year-old boy. I would love to get in touch with Whitlow as I have found a therapist who has experience with NLD. Are you still looking?


Whitlow January 27, 2011

Hi, I'm a mom of a 5 year old girl with NLD. I am looking for a child psychologist or counselor in the greater Sacramento, CA area who has treated at least one client with NLD. Someone who treats kids with Aspergers would be okay too. I am also looking to connect with other moms. My daugther is young to be diagnosed with NLD so it's okay if your child is older.


whatthehell November 4, 2010

Hi I am a mom with a 7th grade son with NLD, Sensory Disorder and Anxiety. I am looking for a supprt group for parents where I can gain ideas and help. I would also love to see my son surrounded by a group of boys that truly like him and accept him. Metro Milwaukee, WI ANYBODY OUT THERE. Would love to talk to any parent.


inegrin July 8, 2010

I'm a dad and very concerned parent. My son has NOT been formally diagnosed but after heavy reading and comparing to his history it looks almost certain he has NLD. Unfortunately he's 17 and we've been through a train of psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists since he was 13, no one ever suggested any sort of LD because he was always smart and did well for the most part. He has difficulty making and maintaining relationships and has always been socially awkward. Most recently school participation dropped off, especially math and SOAR (career planning) resulting in severe depression and anxiety. He was taken out of school and admitted to PHD/IOP intense therapy program which took 6 weeks and finished the year with home schooling, provided by the school, in which he did well. Just after release from the program, we did try to put him back in school but the anxiety came back so that only lasted one week. A recent followup with his psychiatrist revealed this possiblility.

We are in Ringwood NJ (on NY border) so any advice on diagnosis, support groups to help him will be greatly appreciated.


jennie1 July 7, 2010

Hi - I'm in Fairfield County, Connecticut - are you nearby?


337Lee January 26, 2010

Hello,I am a Mom with my 15 yr old son with Nld Doctor's just put him on Zoloft 100mg and Adderall xr 25mg WOW what a HUGE difference it as made for him and me Wonderful Attitude now smiling laughing Happy most of the time now, I love it. Now need to find help out with school, He needs so much help with work and studying looking for someone who can do this Take care


caseylight May 17, 2009

Hi Jennie. I'm in CT too! I have a son, 15 with NLVD. I'd love to connect with you.


emerel May 2, 2009

I am in Northern California and have a 504 plan meeting coming up. I am hoping to give them some suggestions. Is it possible for you to tell me some of the recommendations that have worked. I would like a list when I get there. They are not seeing this as a disability because my kids tests well on star testing.


detfig1 May 2, 2009

To Jennie1, I just want to let you know We were in the same situation 3 yrs ago with our son emotionally as you are now. Normally children with NLD become emotionally overwhelmed by the end of fifth grade if no intervention is given. We did not home school, we moved. however both my husband and I agree that we should have taken him out of his previous school when he was showing so much anxiety and they were unwilling to work with us. Once he was given the diagnoses of NLD I finally understood what he was going through and only then was I able to begin to truly help him. There is so much to learn about this disability. I started reading books,I had the psychologist who diagnosed my son talk to the school. Together the child study team and I discussed modifications and accommodations. I hold a meeting every year with all his teachers to explain the disability and give handouts, I created a letter to explain what behaviors they can expect to see in the classroom due to his NLD, why the behaviors arise and what they can do to minimize these behaviors . I'm constantly communicating with the teachers. If you can try to find a good psychologist in your area that understands NLD have your son talk to him or her. I am now teaching my son how NLD effects him, what to look for and how to advocate for himself. My son is doing much better now. As a Mom I'm forever trying reach out to other people to gain insight regarding this disability, together we can learn how to help these kids!


jennie1 May 1, 2009

We are in CT. Where are you?

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