Details overview

Hours 09:00 AM - 03:00 PM
School leader Dr. Bruce Ettinger
Transportation options Yes
Preschool capacity 0


Basic school information

Dress code Dress code
Schedule Extended / longer school day
Day or Boarding offered Day school
Type of school Therapeutic
Coed/Single-gender Coed

Academic focus and philosophy

Educational philosophy and approach to learning We teach “the whole child,” so our students can discover and develop their own unique talents and abilities. Our students have the same learning activities and experiences that are provided to students in their local schools, with all of the 21st-century technology, supports and accommodations they need to succeed.
Academic themes / Areas of focus Special Education


Visual Arts
including: Drawing / Sketching
including: Choir / Chorus
including: Spanish
Music Choir / Chorus
Performing & written arts Creative writing
Media arts Computer animation
Technical design and production
Video and film production
Visual arts Design
Drawing / Sketching
World languages taught Spanish
Bi-lingual or language immersion programs offered None


including: Multi-purpose room ("Cafegymatorium")
Facilities Art room
Computer lab
Garden / Greenhouse
Multi-purpose room ("Cafegymatorium")
Music room
Performance stage
Sports Fields
Extra learning resources Counseling
Differentiated learning programs
Special education program details We provide NJDOE-approved programs for those identified as a preschool child with a disability, elementary and secondary autism, and behaviorally disabled through both self-contained and departmental instruction emphasizing effective evidence-based interventions. It focuses on the acquisition of critical new skills, and on socialization, language and communication strategies, and modifying behaviors that may interfere with learning and living.
Special education programs Inclusive classroom
Self-contained classroom
Specialized programs for specific types of special education students Autism
Developmental delay
Emotional behavioral disabilities
Cognitive disability
Multiple disabilities
Specific learning disabilities
Speech and language impairments
English Language Learner program details N/A

Early childhood program

Social emotional skills development Academy360’s full day integrated preschool program is comprised of students ages 3-5 who are classified as “Preschool Child with a Disability” as well as a cohort of typically developing peers. Research demonstrates that preschoolers on the autistic spectrum in integrated programs make significantly more progress in cognitive, language, and social development, have fewer behavior problems and show fewer symptoms of autism than pupils in control groups.
Required credentials for lead staff Bachelor's degree
Teaching credential
% of early learning staff that holds a credential or certification 76%-100%
Maximum number of infants per adult 0
Maximum number of toddlers per adult 0
Maximum number of 2 year olds per adult 0
Maximum number of 3 year olds per adult 1
Maximum number of 4 year olds per adult 1
Maximum number of kindergartners per adult 2
Maximum number of school-age children per adult 3

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Student diversity

  This school State average
White 54% 51%
Black 32% 16%
Hispanic 10% 22%
Asian or Asian/Pacific Islander 4% 9%
Hawaiian Native/Pacific Islander 0% 0%
American Indian/Alaska Native 0% 0%
Two or more races 0% 1%
Source: See notes


Girls Sports
including: Cheerleading
Boys Sports
including: Swimming
including: Gardening
Girls sports Cheerleading
PE classes
Boys sports Basketball
PE classes
Clubs Art club
Cooking club
Dance club
Girl Scouts
Student newspaper
Technology club
Yoga club
Extended care / Extended programs After
After school end time 05:00 PM


Parent involvement Attend parent nights
Join PTO / PTA
Organize cultural events
Organize fundraising events
Parent involvement details Professional staff hold regular conferences with parents and are available by phone at most times. Academy360 Lower School Parent/Staff Organization (PSO) is very active in supporting school dances, after school programs, special events, etc., Parent Ambassador program for provides support to other school families, in home training available to help deal with student behaviors, group counseling available for parents, back-to-school night.


including: Assistant principal
Staff Assistant principal
Behavioral health specialist
Educational diagnostician
Librarian / media specialist
Reading specialist
School counselor
School psychologist
Special education coordinator
Speech therapist(s)
Teacher aide / assistant teacher
World languages spoken by staff American Sign Language (ASL)
Staff details In addition to teachers, assistant teachers, and class room aides, students who require it, have one-to-one aides. Certified speech and language specialists, certified BCBA staff, PT, OT staff are available as well.


Transportation details Bus transportation is provided by the sending school districts.
Transportation options Transportation provided for special education students


Application/ enrollment process details Parents and child study team members are invited to sign up for a tour on our website or by calling the school. After tour, interested families can request an enrollment application. Application will be reviewed and based on appropriateness of prospective student and available space, student will be offered a slot. Majority of students are referred and tuition paid for by their local school district, although private pay can be discussed.
Application requirements Application
Application submission begins 07/01/2016
Application deadline 06/30/2017
Application fee amount $0000
Application fee waivers available? No
Financial aid offered None


Student diversity NCES, 2011-2012