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Moving to New Mexico from Canada


Jamedee January 17, 2011

I am moving to New Mexico and want to know what are the best schools in the Las Vegas Area.

I am looking for Elementary as well as early education.

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CDNmomma April 12, 2011

well you posted this a while back - but I will still reply. I also moved to NM from Canada and was in Las Vegas for a while. Las Vegas actually has 2 school districts Las vegas city schools and west las vegas schools. You will see (I believe) once you lve there that although this is a small town it is quite divded as evidenced by 2 school districts etc. As for the best schools I would recommend that you check out the NM PED (Public Education Dept.) As for early childhood Ed the only school I can recommend is attached to highlands university and it has a year + wait list. Do you research as NM schools are not know for being great (but ther are some good ones) I personally am not a big fan of the schools in Las Vegas and their scores are not good on tests.

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