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10 Dragon Drive
New Windsor, NY 12553

(845) 534-8009
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November 22, 2014
I went to CCHS for all of high school (graduated 2012). It's thoroughly mediocre - pretty standard for a public school of its size. It generally just lacks opportunities - opportunities that tend to really make a difference for college. There were only a few AP classes, and I felt that electives were sort of lacking, especially for the underclassmen. More clubs would have been nice too, and a lot of the clubs that DID exist met sporadically and weren't really publicized. I think this stems from the issue of CCHS being a "sports school". If academics & the arts were given as much priority (and funding, presumably) as the athletics programs, I have no doubt that the school could be much better. I also found that too many teachers just didn't care. Most stuff was taught by memorization and not many students fully understood it. I think more essays & projects, especially ones that allow some freedom (as opposed to tests & quizzes) would have been better for learning. This probably stems from the issue of learning ONLY for standardized tests, but that isn't the school's fault. I don't blame the teachers for their indifference either - teachers are generally undervalued & underpaid.

- submitted by a student

October 11, 2014
we were so outraged by the high school that we moved in the middle of the school year to the city. Yes to the city and in a public high school. It was a HUGE sacrifice for us but we could not stand to see our child being so unhappy. They don't encourage creativity and every thing is memorization. My child was bullied by her ES teacher and there was nothing we could do because he had tenured. Believe it or not, teachers in the city are usually very motivated, aware of the new ways to teach and not stuck in the 50s. THanks to this move she was accepted in a top College. I have to say that the only nice departments were the Art and Language DEpt but they were not the big shots. So had no voice. The Math was terrible and the level low , English could not care less although the level was high and SCience was a joke. WE also had a terrible experience with the middle school too. With my other child. I got scolded by the teacher because my child was wearing a T shirt with the Vitruvian man bought at the Vatican. Yes the Vatican !. This is how backward those teachers are. What they mean by good school is that it is a non diverse school.

- submitted by a parent

March 18, 2014
Wow, these comments are really dim. Has anything improved this year? How is the music dept? We are considering moving to Cornwall from across the river, however, I'm not encouraged by these comments...

- submitted by a community member

September 14, 2013
I'm a student at CCHS and i absolutely HATE it. The only up in my day is Orchestra and that's about it. Even my dad agree's that Cornwall is a Sports town. It will always be Sports > Arts. I don't even know who the new principal even is. The teachers who have a tenure could care less, yes there are teachers who care but rarely. There should be more electives available to Sophomores (more or less freshmen). 17 students to the teacher is a joke i have over 30 kids in an ADVANCED class and i hate it! My guidance counselor NEVER returns my moms calls and the teachers don't really help a lot. School is over crowded for its size. It should be bigger. My mom really wants to send me to private/or catholic high school instead but it's expensive. According to my mom the school hasn't changed since my brother first attended in 2005. Also @ Aug. 19th '13 post....so what if we have the best quarterback...what about all the other players? don't they matter to.

- submitted by a student

August 19, 2013
I'm going to tell you a little bit about us Dragons. A lot of people say we are overrated, rich, white kids who only care about sports and like to party A LOT. For all the haters drinking hatorade, let me remind you.... We have the best quarterback in New York state. We love sports here in Cornwall because with our academic reputation schools like Lafayette, Pace, and Stanford give our student athletes a full ride. A small percentage of teachers maybe a slap in the face but the rest are only there to help you. Students will find teachers at CCHS that will stay after Drama or Football to work with them on geometry or help them with a lab. Every class i have is a new group of friends because it is so small. Our Gay-Straight alliance group is the most active in the county. Our varsity girls soccer team( that's me) placed fourth in the states last year. We have very challenging AP and honors courses. If your Einstein maybe private school is for you but if your a teenager who wants to be challenged, be INVOLVED, and you bleed the color green, CCHS is your school. A wise man used to say "Commit to Green, Commit to Greatness"-Sheboy CCHS Class @ 2016

- submitted by a student

June 10, 2013
Hello, My daughter is in seventh grade and is an honors student. I am debating sending her to Cornwall versus a private school. Certainly Cornwall would be much easier. Can any of you comment on the AP courses and the college placement for the last 2 years. I have heard that over the last few years the student body has improved tremendously and as a result the honors classes and college acceptances have also improved.

- submitted by a community member

April 22, 2013
This school is for the average student. If you or your child is an over-achiever, then I would suggest a private school. This is one of the best public schools in the area, however, the grades for AP classes are not as weighted as much as other schools. This means that you or your child would have a seemingly lower grade than other students from different schools comparatively. Most teachers do work solely on memorization because for the majority of children it is the only way to learn. However the majority of the advanced teachers are wonderful. Overall it truly is worth it unless you or child plans to go into the upper reaches of Ivy Leagues.

- submitted by a student

December 16, 2012
I agree with the last comment. This school is over rated. They don't challlenge the students. Their way of teaching is based on memorization. The teachers don't seem to care as they have tenure. The College guidance counselor could not care less. This is very lamentable given the amazing campus they have : the tennis courts, running track, the library, the pool, soccer field, baseball field.. It is like an empty shell. You are seduced by the outside then you realize that it is empty inside. They don't even go to good Colleges. It makes me sad specially given the taxes. We only were happy with the art dept and lanuage dept. Math and Science were a disaster. English was very stiff,

- submitted by a parent

February 10, 2012
I am unfortunately stuck in a school too preoccupied with sports to care about academics. If you are not an overachiever and are an average student, you'll fit right in. I have been told that this school does not cater to the higher end of the student spectrum (aka, those who are preoccupied with actually learning something). There are no special programs or contests in the intellect department. there is, however, many in sports and music. There is a math team, but no science club or anything of the sort. Way too many sports if you ask me. The English department is very strong. The social studies is so-so. The sciences are so-so (depending on which teacher you are assigned-- some teachers do not know their facts). The maths are so-so. Foreign languages are strong as well. The environment is okay. There are the cliques and there is no major 'bullying' that occurs.

- submitted by a student

December 05, 2010
Very average school. teachers not supportive. a big disappointment given the taxes. The sciences program is low quality. only the language / history and art were satisfying.

- submitted by a parent

August 31, 2010
I disagree ,to a great degree ,with previous reviewers. My child experienced significant personal issues during the past two school years. The child is not involved in theatre or sports. She is a bright but not top student. Cornwall Central High School couldn't have been more supportive both academically and emotionally. My child was provided the resources she needed to succeed. I experienced personal involvement from all levels beginning with the principal. I found the Cornwall family totally embraced my child and myself. As a result, my child was able to return to a normal functioning level. All teachers but two were totally supportivew throughout a two year period. If one checks statistics you will find the school is both academically challenging with a highly rated administration. I found,as a parent, that one has to learn how to interact in a supportive and non-compative manner.

- submitted by a parent

April 22, 2010
It is quite unfortunate but my daughter did exceptionally well at this school due to her being in advanced classes and interest in extra curricular activities they have. My son who is not in advanced classes so I am finding out why others have said and plenty I know took their kids out to send to private school. I would do the same for him if I could since other reviews are on target- in general the teachers do not respond promptly, are not supportive in becoming involved in their students or for themselves to enrich the students. At open house two teachers separately said 'they do not leave always at 3 but sometimes stay until 3 30 or 4. I could not believe it- This is not passion to teach or encourage but just doing a 'job'. I have found this attitude with most teahers and supervisory level too.

- submitted by a parent
no rating
February 20, 2010
I agree with the other comments. Teachers are not supportive but classes get overcrowded. Elective are few unless you are in sports. Blue collar school. Average but safe.

- submitted by a parent

February 16, 2010
It is an ok school. I don't find teacher very supportive but at the same time the classes are crowded so maybe they don't have time. Good school if you aim at very average college. I am not impressed.

- submitted by a parent
no rating
January 22, 2010
This school is ok. My chikd loves the French classes. There is no discipline problems in the school. However, your child needs to be in advanced classes otherwise he/she will get the worse teachers. They have a good drama club. classes are over crowded. 35 students in my child English's class. Next year, he goes to a private school.

- submitted by a parent

January 21, 2010
Average school. The language and the history department are very good. Travels to France are organized and that's really nice. However, if you are not in the advanced classes for Math/Sciences/ENglish, teachers are terrible and won't hesitate to yell at students. They won't give students any support if they are failing. Sport is very good. But electives are very limited. The population is not diverse.

- submitted by a parent

November 12, 2009
You find good and bad wherever you go, I don't there is a perfect school district out here but i will say that in the case of all 3 of my children Cornwall did and are doing well. I have been in the district for 12 years and I see that some teachers my kids have had were caring and stayed on top of the kids and kept the parents informed. As far as public schools are concerned Cornwall is one of the better of what I have seen. I have seen many students graduate (I have a graduate) and get into excellent private and state universities.

- submitted by a parent
no rating
July 05, 2009
While this school may be acceptable for the average student, it hardly meets the needs of the high-achieving student aiming for top universities after high school. Money and resources were wasted on building a modern, artistic, and impractical facility at the cost of a wide range of classes, talented faculty, and activities and organizations. The Parent-Teacher Organization is hardly functional, and mainly provides a prom dress sale and the occasional baked good for the honors students. To top it off, the school administration has no desire to improve on its faults, and feedback is generally dismissed or ignored completely.

- submitted by a student

July 09, 2008
I absolutley love it here. Our sports programs are the best in the district and the people here are amazing. Yeah there are a few teachers that aren't so great, but those types of teachers are found in every school regardless of what people say. The only problem is the after school busing situation. But if thats the only real problem I can find being a eleven year student here, I think that's pretty good.. don't you?

- submitted by a student
no rating
August 08, 2007
sports program after school for the kids in Cornwall is very good. only wish the bus for after school program would come back in the are taxes theres lots of kids in Cornwall that want to do sports but cant because theres no bus to bring them home. teachers are very good!!! in the high school

- submitted by a parent

June 14, 2007
It is a very good school, my children are doing very well and I am very happy with the education they are getting. They have very engaging teachers and the high school is state of the art. Cornwall schools have a direct relation to the desire for people to move to our town, not to mention its beauty and charm.

- submitted by a parent

September 08, 2006
This school is highly over rated. The tax dollars are being spent on maintaining an image. The education level of the teachers does not match. The students deserve to have experienced teachers and realistic alternative programs. Options at this school are limited. Better after school programs need to be developed. I moved into this district for the school system and am very disappointed. This school has potential, but committees should be developed to focus on areas that need development. Get feed back from the students, teachers and parents and start getting to the root of the problems. Wish I had more positive comments but hopefully this will be taken as constructive criticism and moving forward I hope to see some positive changes.

- submitted by a parent

July 18, 2005
This high school is new, graduating its 1st class in 2004. The facility is beautiful, however, it no longer provides its sudents the opportunity for independence it once did. Before the new school was built, when it was located in Cornwall, it was an open campus. Now, all students except for those old enough to drive are bused to school. None may leave during the school day. Although a good school, it is not the school that once developed responsibility for time and encouraged students to know the town and its merchants. Our young people no longer have the connection to their community they once had.

- submitted by a parent
no rating
April 12, 2005
This is an excellent school system.

- submitted by a parent
no rating
November 29, 2004
I will have to say that the'restructuring' was a big mistake as well as putting 'Cornwall High School', in New Windsor. Less money should have been wasted on a school, and more should be spent re-educating the poorly trained teaching staff. I am looking for a way out of this district,without having to move. I was born and raised here, as well as educated here. I am totally disgusted with this whole situation. I had a great education. What happened to this place? Should have left well enough alone.

- submitted by a parent

September 28, 2004
Having moved from the Bronx where my children attended private schools, I find the district schools of Cornwall to be comparable to the private schools in the Bronx. I have found that most of the teachers in the High School are committed and caring as well as the Lee Road School where the teachers are loving and warm. I am hoping that my high schooler will have great things to say and look back on when she graduates and goes on to college. Mostly I want them to be properly prepared for college, which I do believe the Cornwall District is doing.

- submitted by a parent

February 25, 2004
The Cornwall district restructered it's elementary/middle school this (2003-2004) year. A brand new high school was completed as well with grades 9-12. Willow Avenue is now a new 3rd elementary school. All 3 elementary schools are now grades K-4, with the Cornwall Central Middle School encompassing grades 5-8. As a parent, I believe this restructuring was a success. The elementary classes are smaller, offering more individualized attention for the students. The grouping of grades 5-8 in the middle school has been successful as well. The buildings seem to be the appropriate size for the students. The teachers are committed and caring, and as a parent in the district for 4 years, I strongly believe our children have benefited greatly by attending the Cornwall schools.

- submitted by a parent

August 28, 2003
I graduated from this school. When I went to college I discovered, (1) the Cornwall Central High School didn't educate its students as well as many other high schools in the U.S. (2) I went into teaching and soon realized that the teachers at Cornwall High School are of poor quality. In general, they are lacking true intellectual skills and do not have a positive effect on students.

- submitted by a student
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Cornwall Central High School
10 Dragon Drive, New Windsor, NY  12553
(845) 534-8009
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