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We are moving to New York from Canada. Where can I start to transfer my children to a nice public school?


canmj11 December 14, 2009

We haven't decided where we are going to stay but I would like to know beforehand so that I can find a nice school so that my two sons, in grade 2 and 7, can settle in a new environment. Can anyone explain where I can start to find info ?

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healthy11 December 14, 2009

Hi. I'm not from NY, but have you looked at the "find a school" feature on the green menu bar near the top of this page? I have a feeling that the best public schools are probably magnet or charter schools, and there is likely some kind of enrollment or application process but I don't know what their deadlines are. Hopefully someone from NY will be able to answer your question more definitively, but this can get you started.


mommy007 January 20, 2010

Forget the magnet schools, some of them are in very poor neighbohoods and they want to make it less obvious within the school by attracting students from better neighbohoods. I fell for that one once, and my daughter used com com home with black eyes and footprints all over her body because the other kids had a hard life and they wanted to "master play" with you. charter schools are fairly new and there is limited space. You are most likely to end up with the school you are zoned for, so go for the elementary on the corner of 77th street and 37th ave in Queens. In Manhattan, try something on the upper east side. But again if you can afford an appartment there just go for private school. No money? go for Catholic. My children go to Most Holy Redeemer in Flushing 718-359-1800.


TheMrs July 21, 2010

HI, Check out or even gocitykids. com

Two great resources for your search.

Happy shopping ;)


msfang August 1, 2010

good to know. I have the same situation with you, but I am not sure my daughter can access to public school. Even we are from Canada, but we are Chinese citizenship.

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