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everyday math


Anonymous December 20, 2009

my child's private school is changing their math program and i wanted to know what math programs are the best and challenging.
they are thinking of everyday math , i was wondering how that program is and is there anything better than that.

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MagnetMom December 20, 2009

Everyday Math has its critics and its fans. Keep in mind that any program can only be as good as the teachers are trained in it. Are you on the curriculum committee? What are your concerns? What other programs are they looking at?

Here are a couple recent posts about the same subject:

And you can Google the words "Everyday Math" or other programs like Singapore Math or Indian Math and get an idea what people have to say.


schoolwise December 28, 2009

Everyday Mathematics is the curriculum of choice in schools across the country. To read a discussion about its pros and cons, go to

The United States Coalition for World Class Math is a group dedicated to strengthening our country's math standards and will provide you with plenty of information to help you identify curricula other than Everyday Math that have produced better test results:


MarshellaSmith March 7, 2011

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