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argentineboy January 15, 2010

I lived in New Rochelle, NY from 2000-2009. In September 2009 I moved to Bridgeport, CT. But since life didn't work out there for my family, we moved to Yonkers, NY in November. I have the following question. I go to a school called Palisade Preparatory School (it isn't on the website because it replaced Commer Middle School). Well, I'm a freshman, and I take chemistry (a 10th grade class). But I am not learning ANYTHING in chem!!! Everyone disrupts the class, and I try my best to learn, but I can't! I want to make this school better, even though it opened two years is is corrupt! Please help!!! Should I switch schools? I really don't want to just keep on moving from school to school. Please answer my question!

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healthy11 January 16, 2010

Have you expressed your concerns to your parents? They are the only ones who can legally enroll you in any school, since you're under age 18. If enough parents got together to complain to the administration, they might be more apt to respond. Unfortunately, improvements seldom happen "overnight."
Does your school offer honors/AP courses? Often the students in those classes are more studious than kids in regular level requirement classes, because they want to be there, they don't have to be there. Since it sounds like you're taking your education seriously, if your current school doesn't offer advanced course, then yes, I think you might be better off at another school...


TeacherParent January 16, 2010

How are your other classes? Are they going well? Switching schools mid-year wouldn't be easy and would be very disruptive to your year.
Your post is confusing - chemistry is a struggle but you don't mention other issues other than to deem the school corrupt but you don't say in what way.
If your other classes are going well and school in general is going well, to switch schools because of one class wouldn't make sense. What would make sense is to get some help with the chemistry. Is it a required class? Can you drop the class and take it again next year or take biology instead?
Whatever course of action you take, good luck with it.


argentineboy January 16, 2010

healthy11: In New Rochelle High School, I had ALL honors classes, but since I am a freshman, no honors classes are offered. If I stay here next year, the might put me in AP Bio, AP History, and AP Art. I have expressed my concerns to my mom, and she e-mailed the superintendent of New Rochelle, to see if they can let me go to New Rochelle High School, but he replied the following:
After a comprehensive review of our district's policies and practices regarding the enrollment of out of district students, I regret to inform you that we will not be able to register your son for classes at New Rochelle High School. If you were to reestablish residency in our district, I would encourage you to reapply on this behalf.

Best wishes to you and your family for a successful school year.

Richard Organisciak

I am taking my education seriously, but other kids aren't. I really don't want to wait until next year to wait to learn something.

TeacherParent: Well, I take 4 10th grade classes as a freshman. Chemistry, Geometry, Spanish 3, and Studio Art.

Chemistry is the MAIN problem I am having. But in Geometry, I do learn, even though some kids don't feel like doing anything. In my Spanish class, like about 4 people don't want to do anything, and they disrupt the class every day.

I say my school is corrupt, because everyone HATES the principal. He is like ALWAYS in his office. He does NOTHING to help this school out. Teachers and students both hate him. Some of my teachers feel bad for me, they are even asking me to find a good Catholic school in the area?????!!!! I am surprised....this would never had happened in New Rochelle.
Also, both the principal and assistant principal have different rules for different students. For example, the assistant principal calls home the parents of the kids that don't wear uniforms that don't really know her, but the kids that don't wear uniforms, that really know her, she doesn't even care, and does nothing! (especially the 10th graders). Do you understand? This school is a College Board School, and the uniform has to be REQUIRED! This school is also funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation.

This school isn't what they say it is. I picked Yonkers HS as a school choice when I moved here, but they picked Palisade Prep for me, saying it was the best school here, blah, blah, blah. Everyone agrees that this school isn't what it was supposed to be.

I have to take Chemistry, because I took Living Environment (Biology) in 8th grade, and the other science offered is Earth Science, taught by the same teacher, and there is really a point of taking it, because that should be a middle school class. All my other classes are OK though.

Thank you for responding to my question!


healthy11 January 16, 2010

argentineboy, this may sound crazy, but you're obviously a concerned student and very capable communicator ~ have you thought of writing to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, to express your frustrations? They may actually welcome input from students like yourself in a liaison capacity, who can keep them informed of areas where greater progress still needs to be made.

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