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My son was slapped in the face by a classmate


cherokeemom January 17, 2010

My son is in 4th grade and was slapped in the face by a classmate the other child said he was annoyed with my son, my son slapped him back and got in trouble for defending himself, I'm infuriated because no one bothered to call me they waited until I picked him up at the end of the day to tell me, I was at the school 4 days before that because another child punched my son but I was told it never happened thank god the teacher witnessed this incident, i'm furious because I made it clear to the counselor that my sons not a punching bag and if anyone puts their hands on him to call me ASAP but no call nothing. Whats my next course of action?

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Parakeet January 17, 2010

Hi cherokeemom,

How awful! That is so strange that your son was assaulted and you were not notified immediately. My next course of action would be to contact the school superintendent. Be sure to keep records of these attacks including the date, what occurred, and what your course of action was after you were told about the incident. There is a GreatSchools group dedicated to bullies and school violence prevention, you should check it out. Hopefully, others will respond and give you more information and ideas on how to handle this awful situation.


healthy11 January 18, 2010

Is your son attending a public or private school? In most cases, there should be a written incident report that is filled out at the time of the event. I understand where they may opt not to call parents at the time of the altercation, if there are no physical injuries, but usually the parent handbook states how bullying situations are to be handled. Do you have a copy of your school's policies?


cherokeemom January 18, 2010

I spoke with my sons teacher and the Asst. principal when I picked my son up that day but they failed to tell me that my child repeatedly asked them to call me and that this boy has been bothering my son since September, I'm just so infuriated that they will call me ASAP if he talks to much in class but he gets assaulted and nothing.


mommy007 January 19, 2010

Why don't you just change schools. Apparently this school is confortable with a method for dealing with conflict which you do not approve. I think that you are going to face an uphill battle.


Vnyc07 November 3, 2011

You should file a police report and demand the child who assaulted yours be taken to a juvenile delinquent facility for evaluation.

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