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Are children no longer placed in classes by their acheivements?


MGallardo March 2, 2009

My third graders class have a majority of students that obviously are there to learn, but then there are those 3 or 4 students that interrupt and distract the class constantly. I can't even begin to imagine how they got to the third grade. They do no work nor homework and fail every quiz and test. I don't get it. How can we change this disturbing process?

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MGallardo April 1, 2009

I do just that... I'm just venting. I wish there was more I can do.


MGallardo April 1, 2009

Also, thank you for the input... I will mention the school based support team AKA IEP team to my childs teacher. Perhaps she doesn't know about this... Thank you.


healthy11 April 2, 2009

MGallardo, I just want to say that anyone who teaches at a public school is required by law to follow a child's IEP, so I'm quite sure the teachers know about the related support teams at the school.
It really sounds to me as if these disruptive kids either don't have IEP's, or they don't have proper supports provided (such as having behavioral intervention programs, and an aide in the classroom...there are no excuses for children playing in stairways during the day.)

I can't believe your child's school is meeting its AYP goals for NCLB testing if kids who want to learn are distracted by the frequent disruptions, nor can the kids who are disruptive be learning if they're playing around....If things are as bad as you make it sound, then I'm surprised more parents aren't upset, and together, you could approach the school district board to request that they address the situation. Of course, the problem may also be that the parents don't know, or don't want to get involved. Sadly, much of it comes down to money, and the schools can't hire more aides or lower class sizes if the don't have the resources.

As a side note, I see you're in the Bronx, NY...It sounds like your son is in a regular public school, not any kind of magnet...can you switch him to another school?


ConcernedMom27 April 2, 2009

What is the teacher doing, is she contacting the parents of these children. If not Im suprised the A.P wasnt adressed about this problem and steps werent taken to get these kids help. wether it be counseling or a small class. What school is your son in?


MGallardo January 26, 2010

Hello ConcernedMom27... It's been a while since I've signed in... A very long while! To answer your question: P.S. 70... In the Bronx.


fatimagreen October 14, 2010

Unfortunately my child is one of those disruptive children and I feel he is not engaged nor is the teacher trying to modify his behavior. She as well as other administrators will admit he is bright and performs on grade level in some subjects and slightly above in others. But a major concern is that upon picking my child up early I got the impression that she has given up on the class as a whole. These are first graders and this is her first year teaching a younger group. She is a former fourth grade teacher. In her own words she said she and my son have "personality conflicts", he's six. Also in the three years since he started elementary school his behavior has declined and this year he is bringing that behavior home. I often have to change my techniques in dealing with him and any form of discipline seems to encourage his behavior. Actually praise for appropriate behavior seems to work better for him.


bnice50 October 19, 2010

I 'am a father I have a fifth grd. 10 yr. old daughter, she' can be a very smart student, but due to her circumstance she's disruptive. Every time I went to her school I would get a behavior report not a good one. I hope and pray this yr. will be better willing to take all suggustions! Please Help!!

P.S. I f it wasn't for her 4th grade teacher she wouldn't have got promoted!! Thanks to her!!!

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