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How is bullying handled at the school?


janie237 April 6, 2009

I have recently become aware of a friend's daughter being bullied by a few girls at the school and it is affecting her health and self confidence. The school is not ready or willing to deal with this issue, so I am asking the parents. Please help.

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janie237 April 6, 2009

This is McKinley I am talking about by the way and the girls involved are 12 years old.


tjlove April 9, 2009

Talking to the girl's parents is a good place to start. The school may not be willing to do anything until they hear from this girl's family directly. The school should have a policy manual available which should include their policy on bullying. Ask for a copy.

Here is an article that might be helpful to you. It's called, "Why are those girls so mean?"

Also, many of our members have recommended the book, "Queen Bees and Wannabees," for insights to dealing with mean girl type bullying.


janie237 April 10, 2009

When the mother first spoke to the principal, she was told that there was nothing they could do about it. Nothing was ever mentioned about a policy manual. Now, as of Wednesday, the principal claims that the girls were spoken to and it will not happen again. So, we will see what happens when school returns at McKinley JHS. Thanks for responding, Janet


secretkitty123 May 21, 2009

Usually our principal goes up to the class and does not point names but says what is happening and tells us whoever is behind it, the bullying should be stopped or else we go to their office and call in our parents.


teachermom1 June 12, 2009

I experienced the same kind of response when my daughter was bullied at school. I would advice any parents who plan to talk to the school about the bullying problem to take step to protect the victim. My daughter was singled out as the tattletale and experienced awful treatment from her classmates after being brave enough to tell. After that experience she was reluctant to go to adults at the school when she had a serious problem. I came to find out that our school did not have a policy in place for handling bullies, at least if they did no one knew about it. Stay on top of it though! Educators get distrated by the high stress environment they are in, but this is very important. Be persistant, try talking to the guidance counselor. You will find someone to listen and help if you keep trying!


janie237 June 13, 2009

I did find through a thorough search that the way to make the school enforce a no bullying policy and not ignore it is to put pressure on the school administration by contacting the NYC School Chancellor While this is a last resort usually, it is the fastest way to cut to the chase if the school does nothing.


Traceydossr March 29, 2011

It's not. I had to handle it myself.
It's a joke, really is. Children should have harsh punishment. They do not realize the ripple effect throughout life. They don't.

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