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How do public and private schools compare in Flushing?


kkornas August 14, 2008

How do public and private schools compare in Flushing?

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cherokeemom April 8, 2009

i've tried both, pre-k to 1st grade my son was in private school the past 2yrs he's in public school,if i knew then what i know now i never would have put him in private school:)


mommy007 February 7, 2010

well, I have tried both as well. I have two older daughters who are college graduates and they attended public school. Public schools are very political. They start threatening to let your child repeat from Kindergarten. If the school does not produce kids who perform well in standardized testing, they will feel the pain financially, so they will put pressure on you and your kid untill you go up the walls. That is how they get rewarded.
In private schools, there's more emphasis on individual development, classroom work and projects etc. You have more of a say in your child's education, and you do get the impression that school is for your child and not the other way around. Down side: Bake sales, fund raisers, candy sales. Did I say fund raisers?

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