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PS 32 or PS 107 ?????


maheum77 April 8, 2009

I'm really confused.. Help!!!!!

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vacekd1001 April 8, 2009

maheum77 Hi and Welcome to Great Schools!!!

I am not sure what PS32 or PS 107 is. This is a nation wide sight and these are terms that may be familiar to your area.

Here are some groups you may want to join.
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Getting to Know You

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cherokeemom April 9, 2009

p.s.32 is an elemantary school in n.y. my son attends p.s. 32 and i think it's a great school,why don't you pay a visit to both and meet the principals and teachers and just feel it out. but if you choose 32 i know you and your child will be very happy:)


cherokeemom January 18, 2010

I use to love p.s.32 but after my child was assaulted by another student there and no one thought it was important to call me i'm really pretty digusted with the school at this point:(

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