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How is curtis high-school.?


Anonymous April 4, 2008

how is curtis hight-school.??is it safe .how the teachers ?

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kkornas April 7, 2008

Are you talking about Curtis High School in Staten Island, NY? Check out the Curtis High School school page here on -- there are quite a few parent reviews for the school that you might find helpful:


mtargia September 24, 2009

I transferred to Curtis from St. Joseph Hill Academy in the tenth grade in 1999, and I have to say that the school has some amazing programs. I was in the IB program and continued with the AP courses that I began with while at Hill, and I was able to have dinner with local councilman and really excel in leadership positions in the school. I would recommend it, without a doubt.


mtargia September 24, 2009

I just realized that I didn't answer your other inquiries - I found it to be just as safe as any other public high school. There are some shady areas down the block but the immediate area that Curtis is in is safe and quiet. The teachers were great!

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