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Hey..just wondering if anyone has their kids in P.S 304 in the Bronx?


Mayala02 April 8, 2008

If yes, please let me know if you would recommend it...I'm trying to switch my lil one fr. catholic to public school and i just wanted to see what the word was on this P.S...thanks!

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Jamies_momma2 May 8, 2008

No my son isn't there but I found some very useful info:

it sounds like a lovely school and very attentive with the students who get individual attention.


kkornas May 8, 2008

Here's a link to the Overview page for P.S. 304 here on GreatSchools, with lots of info about Parent Reviews, school environment and test scores:

Hope this helps!


ybeecher February 7, 2009

Well iD like to be honest if you would allow me. My son attended PS 304 in 3rd-5th grades. This school is predominately white. My son is afro-american. I experienced several prejudiced situations at the expense of my son. He entered after two years of private schooling receiving first honors in both 1st and 2nd grade. I researched the public schools in the bronx and PS 304 came up in the top five elementary. this schools parents are very involved. Most of the teachers are very good, better than average. This school has great opportunities and excellent links to the better high schools and, its cirriculum is significantly above average. My advice is to closely observe your childs development and document all conferences with the teachers making sure there is progress. My communication was ignored by two out of three teachers. My son scored very well on his state exams but I believe he would have done better if the teacher didnt put his desk in the hallway. She was the only teacher who had a problem with him. The rest never complained but, the principal and the vice never investigated. This is a school that lacks male teachers but, doesn't lack in cirriculum however, their hands are tied in areas where a private school's are not. I highly recommend if your child is not afro-american and is not a boy. If he is, you must be active in the classroom. Make surprised visits.


Emalti February 27, 2009

I just joined. Did you put your daughter in PS 304. I believe it is an excellent school with a caring staff.

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