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I am moving to Marietta GA


mrmacado6 January 30, 2011

I need a good real estate agent to assist in my transition to GA. I hear that Marietta has the best schools, I have a middle school and a high school student.

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palosmoni May 9, 2012

I am moving to Lawrenceville, GA I'm new in the site too. I have a 9 year old ( he will be attending 4th grade next fall and my oldest son is 12 years old he will be in Middle School I'm still not sure how are the schools in Lawrenceville. I would like to know which schools are the best. Also, we are considering living in Buford or Alpharetta.


betsytm June 3, 2011

Hi Mr. Macado,
I'm new to this site and am part of the Cobb County community. I am very happy w/ the West Cobb schools.
Have you found someone to help you with your move here?


becks123 April 12, 2011

I went to Sprayberry, and when it's good, it's good, but the problem is that for most elective classes, (ie, French or Drama, etc), one semester you have one teacher and the next they've quit, and you're thrust into French II with a new teacher that approaches things differently. This is a consistent problem with Sprayberry... I grew up in Kennesaw, though (neighboring town that is basically considered interchangeable with Marietta, because they are so meshed), and I went to Kennesaw Elementary and I have to say, THE BEST SCHOOL I have ever attended. I love the Cobb County School System. Whatever you do, do NOT!!! enroll your child in a Marietta City School. This includes Marietta Middle and Marietta High-- horrible, terrible, mind numbingly depressing schools. When I was in tenth grade we actually went there to enroll me and were so repulsed by the setup that we left!! It looks impressive, with marble floors and a large front office, but it's not. The classes are truly messed up-- You have 7 classes every day, and each day you have a totally different schedule-- A day and B day, because they don't do semesters, they have the same classes every other day all year long. It's incredibly difficult and impossible to manage if your child has ever failed a class (ie, in most schools, you must have passed Algebra to begin Chemistry, and in a trad. semester setup, you can take Chem in the second semester and Algebra the first. In MHS, you have to wait until the next year entirely). Worthless setup.

But, that's just the CITY schools. You want your kids in a County school-- THOSE are the really awesome ones-- Lassiter and North Cobb particularly.


NEWYOKER February 16, 2011

I lived in Henry county Georgia for a while..Ga is a nice place to live and raise a family..and houses are way more affortable then NYC.
I had a very good realter her name is Bibi tel. num. 1-678-614-2218 cell
office1-770-475-1130 ext. num 4529..she is a family oriented hard dedicacted worker..tell her what you are looking for and she will help ..good luck in GA..

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