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ps 11 in chelsea


confusedmom75 June 20, 2009

Does anyone know anything about this school it gets a 4 on the great school rating which is terrible but it is supposed to be a G&T school, we were placed there but know nothing about it, any help would be greatly appreciated

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multiplication June 21, 2009

Hello, I am just as worried about traveling to P.S. 11 from the East Side (50th), but hope my child's future classmates will be just as ready learners as my child who scored above 98%. If I see that my child is outperforming everyone in the "G&T" class I'll take my child out. Unfortunately, we have to wait a while before we can get a clear picture.


rebbey September 28, 2011

I live in the PS 11 district. What is a G&T school anyway? I'm applying to private schools for him, but I thought it prudent to go for 11 as well.

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