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Anonymous June 24, 2009

I was considering a private school which administers CTP-4 a standardised test , i dont enough about this test ,
I wanted to know what this test is all about and if the school uses this test then can it be considered good /bad i am considering a private school and wanted to know if anyone out there has any idea about this?

Can a public school also take CTP-4 test

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MagnetMom June 24, 2009

It appears some public schools use it too. Here's the information from the creator of the test:


healthy11 June 24, 2009

Hi. My son attended a private gifted elementary school, and they administered ERB testing, but I don't recall if it was the CTP-4. (My son is now in college, so it's been a few years.) I can tell you that the testing he had was basically an achievement test, but when they report the results, they also "compare" your child's performance to that of other private school students, not just "lumping public and private school students together." (For example, let's say a child scores placed them at the 98th percentile when compared to all students, including those lower performers at public schools. When compared to just other students at private gifted schools, the child's scores might only be at the 60th percentile. It's not that the child is "less bright" but they're being compared to a more selective group of students.)

To answer your question about whether a public school would take CTP-4 results, I can only say "it depends" on the individual school, and what you hoped to use the test for. If you want to place your child in a public school's gifted program, they may have specific testing they give, or they may want to see IQ in addition to achievement tests, or they might just say the CTP-4 results are adequate. You would have to ask the specific public school what their criteria are.

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