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auntieem May 10, 2011

I would be so appreciative if anyone could share any information about the Center School. I know the reviews here are excellent, but I am concerned it is a bit unstructured; for instance, the students write their own report cards. Also, how would you compare it with the Delta program? Thanks very much!

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dia108 February 29, 2012

How do Center School and Delta compare in terms of academics?


Mrsam127 September 13, 2011

I attend DELTA as a sixth grader and highly recommend it, overruling my many friends at center school, but my more friends at DELTA. DELTA is an amazing accelerated program to prepare for high school. Center school also starts in fifth grade, and is what i hear a bad process, not that the regular one is a walk in the park!


goodfriend18 July 5, 2011

I don't doubt that the students at The Center School receive a good, well-rounded education. I, and many other parents in my child's school, question the admissions process particularly with regard to the students at my child's school. Also, is there a "real" wait list that everyone who did not get in seems to have been placed? Putting all of those students on the wait list is ridiculous. Not all parents whose children attend Delta are Type A or pushy. They just prefer a more traditional education and feel that this type of learning environment is more beneficial to students are they move on to higher learning.


4smallclasses June 22, 2011

I've just read goodfriend 18's posting and couldn't disagree more. After having had my child at The Center School for 4 yrs now (just graduated), I can hopefully address some of your concerns. Yes, it's difficult to get into as it remains a small school, approx 52 kids per grade. Hopefully the DOE will start to model many more middle schools after TCS. Student teacher ratio is 13/1. There is no "secret" as to how to apply. Have your child's teacher write a rec to Ms. Schwartz and don't fret about "prepping" your child. Curriculum is incredibly creative, teachers supportive and always available for afterschool help. There is a specific reason kids write their own self-evaluate, then each teacher follows up w/their evaluation, so the parent reads two for each class. This is an incrediblly rich tool for the students...self-evaluation. btw all 8th graders just passed the Math Regents. Teachers have high standards w/loose and friendly environment. And...the mixed classes are amazing. It works. And, it is a family...The most child centered you'll get. Ms. Schwartz is a model educator. But if you're a Type A parent who pushes, pushes to put your child into your ideal mold, The Center School is not for you. Delta would probably be better.


goodfriend18 May 13, 2011

The biggest problem with The Center School is the admissions process. It's vague and they don't look at test scores. I have no idea how they really choose among a group of students who are creative, smart and eager students such as those students in my child's school. I've even heard that current students have a say in which applicants they like and don't like. The report card the students write is ridiculous. It has been said that students are admitted based on 'who you know' and 'what the family can offer the school'. The Delta Program is a more structured program that prepares students for high school. The admissions process is straightforward. The school looks at test scores and then students have to perform to a certain level on their in-house assessments. Still thinking about applying to the Center School?

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