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i live in a scarsdale zip code but am zoned for a yonkers schol district


lampkin July 27, 2008

my step son is coming from fl to got school to live with his father & myself i live 5 min from scarsdale school and would like him to go to that school how do i appeal and where do i go

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1seremen July 27, 2008

This is a very difficult situation and my friend had the same experience. No appeal worked for her and she had to paid for her two children to attend Scarsdale school. After two years, she moved to an apartment building just to stop paying the expensive fees.
Try to speak with the school board and superintendent to see if someone can help you. Your case may be different or you may meet different set of people.
good luck!


minaree January 18, 2009

Don't knock Yonkers schools and don't overpay to get into Scarsdale's. NOT worth it, as someone who graduated from Scarsdale schools.

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