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How do public and private schools compare in Edison?


kkornas August 14, 2008

How do public and private schools compare in Edison?

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adshun August 28, 2008

I am very interested to hear what you find out. We live in South edison and my daughter is in preschool this year and next. However if the schools are good I would like to use the public schools from Kindergarten on.

Adam Shun


rathigb February 25, 2009

public schools are good. But if you can afford a proper private school like wardlaw then private is the best. They are less crowded more amenities lot more co curricular activities, for all round development and socio personall skills i would rate a good private schools. If you compare to a catholic private school to a public school my choice would be a good public school where the rating will be good, excellent neighbourhood, well qualified teachers also there may not be any religous issues. Finally parents play a very key role in influencing a childs life and future no mater how great a school you hunt around for.


camila01 February 27, 2009

We have experience in Nort Edison both in private and public school systems. We found public schools academically more challenging and teacher quality higher. However, classes are more crowded, facilities are not as eye pleasing 9including land scaping!) and most importantly, there is a serious space issue- my dauthter's elementary school has inadeqaute space for music, art and sports- although once again, teachers are great.

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