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I like to know if ther are any afterschool programs or care with a fare cost of expense


Destinydylan September 20, 2008

I like to know if ther are any afterschool programs or care with a fare cost of expense

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ryaniehart September 20, 2008

My children attend Riser Elem. and the best thing in the world has come our way. It's called Links and the girls stay at the school after school, get their homework done (all but spelling) and my youngest is in PK they play learning games and activities. They can stay until 5:30 and the best part it is $90 a YEAR. I was paying $80 a week for them to ride the bus to daycare. I don't know what school your children or child attends but I believe they allow children from other schools to be dropped off at Riser by the parent for this program. Also the boys and girls club has a program that is less than what I pay but I think it stays pretty full. However there are sports and other activites involved and I know it's a good programs


francis September 20, 2008

Ask your neighbors, especially those with kids if they can recommend somewhere or someone. That worked for me.


MagnetMom September 20, 2008

Hi Destinydylan,

GreatSchools is a nationwide message board community, not affiliated with a specific school or district. Your best bet would be to contact your school on Monday and ask them if they know of any afterschool providers in your area like the "Y" or park and rec. They may have something at the school itself. Good luck and let us know how it goes.


jacquigue326 January 20, 2009

HI Destinydylan,
Not sure if you have found what you are looking for but my son is going to start K this year so i am thinking of perhaps picking up kids in his school or in town that need after care till their parents come home from work as well as maybe drop off in the mornings. It depends on how many parents are interested. If you are interested and or know other parents that might be interested please contact me and we can go over details. Good Luck


Destinydylan May 10, 2010

Thank you ladies..

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