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Queens, NY
Students enrolled: 270

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233-10 Linden Boulevard
Queens, NY 11411

(718) 341-1991
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June 26, 2014
I find some of these reviews very appalling. To say that the lower level has issues with it being a fire hazard and having few exits is wildly inaccurate. The fire department would never allow schools to teach children in an environment that was unsafe. I am an alumni of the school and my daughter recently began attending the school as well. During the open house, we were given a tour of the building in its entirety including the lower level so that people would be well aware of the space their children would be in if they continued through the higher grades. Also, the staff has always been very professional and welcoming to my family. Even when I had financial issues, the administration worked with me and still bent over backwards to help my child. The reputation of the school reaches far and wide to independent schools in NYC and many others. I am more than pleased with the academics and the culture of the school. CCGC offers an amazing and well-rounded education that I would not be able to receive for such a low tuition fee anywhere else. I would hope that readers can distinguish between actual reviews and disgruntled folks who hold a grudge after one bad experience.

- submitted by a parent

January 16, 2014
Cambria School For the Gifted is an Excellent School. My daughter attended the school from Kindergarten through 6th Grade and has gotten a thorough and diverse education. It is interesting to note how many parents who have taken their children to other schools, only to return, much more appreciative of the quality of the education and environment. Even those who have had children get accepted to much more expensive private schools still keep their siblings in the school. It is an excellent value, and I am thankful that they established a middle school; Cambria School of Excellence, that appears to be following the Cambria tradition of excellence!

- submitted by a parent

October 16, 2013
UNPROFESSIONAL!!! There is no better word to describe the attitude of the staff, teachers and director of this school. Terrible experience!!! What kind of adults of tomorrow are they training with this kind of attitude and total absence of professionalism? Our children are greatly influenced by their teachers and other staff members of their school. ABSOLUTELY NO TO THIS KIND OF INFLUENCE ON MY CHILDREN!!! This school is simply GHETTO!!! I have seen teachers leaving the young children alone in the classroom to go buy breakfast. WOW!!! I have heard a teacher belittling a 3-y-o girl who asked her to help her wash her hands.

- submitted by a parent

July 26, 2013
For us, price was not an issue as our child's prior school was about $1,300.00 a month. We were attracted by all the good reports we heard about the Academics. However, we give zero for everything else. Administration is completely disorganized and unprofessional. They lost at least one of our child's personal items every week. There is definitely a double standard and a lot of biais and politics. The director would say one thing and the admission counselor and some of the teachers would do something else. If you ask to speak with the director, they will make sure it does not happen and make their own decision. The staff is very unprofessional. The reality is totally different from what you hear about the school. We are very disapppointed and taking our child out.

- submitted by a parent

November 27, 2011
I went to this school from maybe 2000 for Pre-K through 4 grade in 2005 I was at this school for majority of my life so far. I loved it there, It was so well-rounded culturally every month was a different theme of country etc. But one thing I did not like was the arts program. They had everything except for visual arts. The friendships I made there were awesome I am still friends with a lot of my classmates. The kids there are all different some are nice and some are not but that's depends of the child. I academics were very hard but great. The education has to be at least a grade level higher than most schools nation wide. I was taking notes in kindergarden! Definitely invest in this school... I see the tuition gone up, but that doesn't change the education I hope.

- submitted by a community member

October 23, 2011
My son has been a student since he started kindergarten in 2004. The school has expanded to middle school and I can say I LOVE IT! The staff is excellent and professional. The children are taught a rigorous curriculum in a nurturing and family atmosphere. There is a spirit of community and pride in ones self. I would definitely recommend this school to everyone.

- submitted by a parent

September 05, 2011
My daughter starts school tomorrow (Sept 6th) at Cambria Center for the Gifted...why am I posting a review now? Because she went to the summer program and WOW!!! She has improved tremendously and I give the school an A+! I grew up in Africa and my family values education and we had been looking for a school for our daughter for some time and found Cambria. We spoke to a number of parents who kids went or are going to the school, we also visited them twice while school was in session to see the layout, observe security concerns posted on this forum and others and to get real answers. Our decision??? Sign our daughter up right now!!! Money was not an issue for us..as we were paying more (1200 per month) before anyway! For the last person who posted about the school lacking culture...One of the very reason we are sending our daughter to this school is because of culture! They have a monthly theme (all of this was explained to us when we visited) and the kids are taught about American and African/Caribbean cultures! Are you kidding me??? Did you visit and see all the flags? Did you talk to some of the kids??? Anyway, we are excited...but let's see what happens after a year...

- submitted by a parent

June 07, 2011
This is a very poor school when it comes to culture. They give preference to who ever can pay their extremely high tuition rates. They find ways to nickle and dime you for fund raisers. The building is actually a fire hazard, there is no way children should be taught in those make shift rooms in the basement when your paying so much money in tuition. I know they personally cater to the families they know and the children whose parents can give money and time to the school. The academics is good but they do not give all children the same amount of attention.

- submitted by a parent
no rating
November 20, 2009
Oh my gosh! This school is GREAT! My only complaint is that once your child leaves this school, you'll hold every school up to those standards. My daughter was at Cambria for PreK 3 and 4. Ms Beckles, Ms Rita and the assistants were great. Sure, the tuition is high and the fundraising was tedious. But public schools also fundraise, and you have no idea where the money goes! I had a problem with the poor level of security in the beginning, but they improved by our 2nd year. Unfortunately, we moved to FL when my daughter was 5. The schools down here are so sorry, I'm now homeschooling her. I would've worked 2 jobs if I had to, just to keep her at Cambria Center! Cambria Center definitely challenges your child to do their best!

- submitted by a parent
no rating
September 24, 2009
Academically, the school is great. Rating A+ Financially, the school has all these ways to get your money ( mandatory fund-rising fee ) - $400, I almost fell out of my sit. Rating B- Safety, This is where I think the school should get a rating of a Z- yes a Z-, no nurse on staff, classes in the basement, building is old, poor air circulation, surveillance cameras are limited, lay-out is confusing and I pray everyday that there is no emergency situation that requires immediate evaluation of the school. There are several classrooms in the basement, or far away from exits. Rating F Administration, Disorganized - They do not check voice mail messages or answer the phone all of the time. They staff are respectful. Rating C

- submitted by a parent
no rating
August 30, 2009
My views is also mixed. Postive: my 5 year old is learing alot. Teachers/Staff are accomodating. Negative: Tuition is high! They ask for too much extra money ($400 mandatory fundraiser, $1 for certain clothing days, pizza money) Art/French class looks like a dump, not enough physical activity.

- submitted by a parent

July 29, 2009
My son started this school as a 1st grader. I sent my child to the school based on a good reference. Unfortunately the public schools in the area aren't the best. There was some concern at the beginning of the school year when there was a change in teachers. However the the director assured the parents of my son's class that all would be well. I can honestly say everything turn out alright. My son is doing very well. He's reading, and math skills are great and he loves other subjects too. The staff is great. They are approachable and helpful. I was particularly excited when they announce that the school will be going up to eight grade and as long as we can afford it my son will attend.

- submitted by a parent

March 12, 2009
My daugther attended this school for Prek 3 and Pre k 4. Her teachers Ms. Beckles, Ms. Rita, Ms. Barracks and the Assistants did a great job. My daugther was reading at 4, she is now in the enrichment program in her school and was recently accepted to a university's gifted Saturday program. In fact some of the work they are doing in kindergarten at the public school my daughter did in PreK4 -- which is why she is in the enrichment program. There are some nuances, but overall you can't beat the basic education, discipline and caring parents and administrators.

- submitted by a parent

January 15, 2009
My son has been attending this school since pre-k and he is now in third grade. The school is an excellent school. The cirriculum is advanced but the classes are small and the children get plenty of attention. The homework while at times may be alot it balances out.

- submitted by a parent

November 09, 2008
Where do I start. My child has been in this school going on 2 years and even though the course work is good the homework is intense. I believe the children receives way too much homework which normally keeps my child busy from the time he/she comes home from School until its time to go to bed. he/She doesnt' have any time to be a kid. Jobs aren't what they use to be and parents are out of the house because of extended hours at work. If it wasn't for help at home my child would have to wait until I get home at 7pm to start the work. When the weekend arrives they are innudated with so much homework that our family time together is decreased. I also have other children which doesn't give me the flexibility to spend time with them in the evenings. All in all too muchh

- submitted by a parent
no rating
August 20, 2008
Cambria Center for the Gifted Child is an outstanding school. They are under great leadership, and have exceeded my family s expectations. My four year old loves school and can't wait to go back. I highly recommend this school to any parent(s) that believe in giving their child a great education. They also have various extra-curricular activities at the school that saves time, energy, and gas from taking your child (or children) from place to place. This is by far one of the best schools in Queens. Thank you Cambria and keep up the excellent work.

- submitted by a parent

June 10, 2008
My son has been attending this school for 2 years and I have to say that he is doing great! The teachers challenge the children to excel. They also have the children work a grade ahead. So if the child is in 2nd grade, he/she does 3rd grade work.

- submitted by a parent
no rating
April 01, 2008
I have a child who attends CCGC and my review of this school is somewhat mixed, overall it is a good school. However my problem with the school is based on; A. The schools' focus on the standardized test, I understand that they want the students to do well on these test but it seems that they spend so much of the school year preparing kids to take this test that kids just breeze throught the class cirriculum without fully grasping what they are learning. B. The kids are not getting enough physical activity. Kids are required to buy and wear gym clothes, but 75% of the time there is no gym on gym days. C. The PGA needs fresh ideas, too many cliques, too focused on the fashion show. I send my child here because compared to the public schools in the area this is the best alternative. Sad

- submitted by a parent

September 22, 2007
My son is in the first grade and the program of study is excellent. I went to view another school and the lesson plan that the cambria center has is more advance and it gives him a chanllang. Which is good so that he doesn't get bored and get in to trouble.

- submitted by a parent

September 12, 2007
Cambria Center for the Gifted Child is basically only a name (I don't believe it matters whether your child is above average or not). However, the academic programs at the school are great. My daughter is in Kindergarten now, she started in pre-school late in the year of 2005. My problem with this school is the lack of a gym for the students to get physical education (though they have a 'make shift' gym). Also, I don't agree with the children learning in the basement but overall, this is a good school - tuition keeps going up but I am anxious for my son to start pre-school to at least get that a very good academic foundation which Cambria definitely has to offer. The teachers and support staff are courtesy and they take the extra step to help out and parental involvement definitely could be more

- submitted by a parent

April 05, 2007
My child is in pre-k and has violin, Spanish, dance, and is one of ten students and a class room that has a assistant. The small class size creates an environment where the teacher can tailor the material to meet the ever changing needs of her students.

- submitted by a parent

November 01, 2005
Although only able to observe the Pre-K Program. The academic programs are exceptional. The teachers really work one on one with the children as well as provide a genuine caring environment to learn. The interaction between students and teachers is remarkable. I believe that a strong foundation leads way to a great educational career. The school has many after school opportunities for the children in all grade levels as well as an entrepreneur program once they are in about the 4th or 5th grade. There is also a music and foreign language program which children participate in from age 3. Some available programs are vocal, piano, and violin. Each day the children participate in outside activities. In the arts program, the students participate in some sort of art daily. Cambria Center also encourages parent involvement. There is an open-door policy where you are welcome to visit the school at any

- submitted by a parent

April 11, 2005
The school is very good as far as their academic programs. Their music activities are fantastic, and so are the other extracurricular activities the school has. I found the parent involvement very good, though of course it could have been better. The teachers are vey good, they take the time out for the children.

- submitted by a parent

February 11, 2005
Well, I've bin to this school i attended this school wen i was in pre-k till 5th grade and it is a very very good school. I learned a lot of things and was tought ahead... the people that wrote that this school is bad are just haters n if they would have had their child there 4 a long time then you would have seen how advanced the school is.

- submitted by a parent

February 02, 2005
This School's primary focus is MONEY. If you want a good education for your child this school is not a great choice. Cambria Center for the gifted is just a name. Don't be fooled out of your hard earned money.

- submitted by a parent

January 27, 2005
My daughter was attending this school for 4 years.My husband and my self had a discrepancy with the principal and she discharged my daughter in the middle of the school year. I was not refunded my first and second months deposit. I would never recomend any one to send their child there.

- submitted by a parent

January 27, 2005
I had my child in the school for one year. $550 per month and they are teaching the children in the basement.

- submitted by a parent

February 25, 2004
It is a great school. The work is very intense. Classrooms are small. There is a lot of parent involvement and the teachers are very, very dedicated. If you want you child to learn this is the school for you.

- submitted by a parent

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Cambria Center For The Gifted Child
233-10 Linden Boulevard, Queens, NY  11411
(718) 341-1991
Last modified Cambria Center For The Gifted Child is a Private school that serves grades PK-5
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