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Comments from readers

"I think the posters on this site need a refresher course in grammer. More volunteers or not are schools are failing our children."
"I think your results of an increase in parent involvement this year could be attributed more to President Obama than to a poor economy, especially for the African American population."
"You don't say what state you are from. This is an issue that can be handled at the state level. Here in Iowa it's known as 'open enrollment'....a little paperwork and approval from the district you'd like to enter (routine) and your set to go. You must supply your childs transportation to and from the district however."
"Reading is very important and key to school success. I hope that parents across America took advantage of the library reading programs. Each child should have read at least 50 books this summer. It is also a great idea to start learning about the curriculum and academic and school expectations for kids. Parents can help children transition better when school is not their first introduction to some topics but rather a review"
"I think it was Bush that never did anything but his stupid TAKS and AYP."
"what ever happened to the promises the Presidents would make on passing a law that parents could choose what school district their child could attend? And with out having to live in the district? I am concerned because our school is not academically performing. I am not looking forward to my children going back to the same school. We shouldn't have to be forced to sell and move to another district just for a children to get a better education. We have even had difficulty with that process because of the economy. This is so upsetting to me."