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Cary, NC
Students enrolled: 2,310

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638 Walnut Street
Cary, NC 27511

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(919) 460-3549
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November 13, 2014
The administrative staff not prepared and wcpss in general fights parents on enrollment. Cary high school has bring your own device meaning kids able to use cell phones while in class. School states it's for learning purposes but come on you know most kids texting friends all day. Sports another issue not fair and truthful especially assistant principal mr woods.

- submitted by a parent
September 14, 2014
THIS SCHOOL IS THE WORST SCHOOL I HAVE EVER BEEN TO. I've lived all over the world and have experienced countless schools, and this one is BY FAR the WORST SCHOOL ever. My first day at school, I got sick and went to the office hoping to find the nurse and was told that the nurse is only at school on Thursday. So I asked if I could lay down because I was nauseous and they told me there was NO PLACE TO LAY DOWN. And another thing, the grading scale is setting students up for FAILURE. I have been a straight A student my ENTIRE life. Before I came to this school, I had a 4.0 GPA, now I have two C's because an 82 is a C instead of a B. I spend 7 HOURS every day after school working on homework for the next day, and yet, I STILL CANNOT ATTAIN AN A. I don't even have time after school to keep up with my usual fitness regime, OR eating, MY MOTHER HAS TO FEED ME AS I DO HOMEWORK. My sister, who missed one assignment due to an illness, did not make it up because her teacher failed to give her the material and she now has an F. It is literally impossible to succeed in a rigorous course if MORE 80% OF THE GRADING SCALE IS FAILING. This school will hinder my college choices. I GIVE 0 STARS.

- submitted by a student
June 12, 2014
Cary High had a long and distinguished history when I went there in the early '80s, but NC politics, poor local management and the Wake County Board of Education have contributed to making my alum mater a mess now. My kids' high school experience is nothing like mine, and the school seems unable or unwilling to help its neediest students. For example our dyslexic child had a Cary High teacher that simply didn't respond to calls, emails or even personal visits, he hid! The staff let our son pass in exchange for our silence. We've also been misled about educational options for our child and we had to hire a representative to our last IEP meeting to explain our rights TO THE SCHOOL. Our offspring has been forced to take hard classes that were unnecessary that have destroyed a promising GPA. Of course as a graduate of Reedy Creek Middle School it's no wonder, they did not prepare any kids I know there in any way for high school. Go the Apex High instead if you can. How the mighty have fallen.

- submitted by a parent
December 01, 2013
Teachers are very good but administrative staff very unorganized and apathetic. Children who are disruptive and should be suspended after multiple incidents are not disciplined. Staff too lazy to bother.

- submitted by a parent
October 29, 2013
My son began this year and we have been impressed by the whole community spirit and multitude of option my son can explore .

- submitted by a parent
October 08, 2013
My son graduated from Cary HS in 2013, fourth in his class. He scored a 2230 on the SAT (770, 770, 690) with no tutoring. He also earned 30 hours of credit for college (through Cary's fantastic AP classes) at UNC - Chapel Hill, again, with no tutoring. If you want your child to be the best academically, Cary High School can make that happen. Teachers are excellent with very high standards. He was in band and tennis also. His two sisters are currently attending Cary too. Moved here six years ago, did research, and only looked at houses zoned for Cary High School. Very glad I chose this outstanding school.

- submitted by a parent
October 07, 2013
We loved Cary High School, the tradition, the teachers, and the students. At freshman orientation, Principle Tillman really inspired the kids to take pride in their school.

- submitted by a parent
July 12, 2013
Cary High School has a lot of subjects and alot of languges that any body can choose from to learn and even sports to join like football, basektball and more.... I love the way that everybody gets to get along and communicate with everybody there. GO IMPS! BLEED GREEN ALL THE WAY! CARY HIGH SCHOOL IMPS!

- submitted by a student
June 22, 2013
Cary High School is a terrible school for special education students. Throughout my son's school years we have had him in many different settings and different states, but Cary High School is without a doubt the worse school. My son's teacher had no control of the classroom and did not encourage parent involvement because then she would have to actually teach the students instead of letting them sleep - which is what we saw many times when we stopped in for other reasons. Parents do whatever you can to get your son or daughter with Special Needs out of Cary High School. Cary might be a good school for students going to college or talented in sports but for students who have significant cognitve limitations it is not much more than a warehouse - SAD !!!!!!

- submitted by a parent
May 17, 2013
my daughter and son-in-law both attended chs and thrived!! my son-in-law graduated in 2005 and my daughter in 2007! thanks to chs, my daughter is now a teacher herself!!! you probably know who they are!! because my son-in-law played football for cary high! THANKS CHS!!

- submitted by a parent
February 01, 2013
I have a junior and a sophomore right now and we love the school. The teachers seem to care about the kids and they talk to them on their level. Both kids are in honors classes and one in marching band. Seems like everyone gets along well and the principal is amazing at relating to the students. Band program is bar-none! Imps really do bleed green :)

- submitted by a parent
August 22, 2012
"One word...Tradition!" We have many good things to say about Cary High. It is a multicultural, socially diverse environment and the kids seem to get along very well with one another. The teachers are responsive and willing to help and the AP classes are challenging. The community/student support for the extracurricular activities is very good, the band program is amazing. Each year CHS just gets better and better. Two things that need work are: 1) the buildings are old and need some TLC (the school is in process of working on that) and 2) more parents need to join and support THE PTA! Over all, a very good place to send your children to high school.

- submitted by a parent
August 20, 2012
We have two daughters who are thriving at The Cary High School. Cary High is different from other Wake County schools in many key areas. Teaching staff is stable (low turn-over) and willing to assist students during lunch and after school. Principal Thilman is highly visible through the school day and at after-school activities - he "participated" in band camp. The students generally come from households that do not entitle them (ie: they are not driving fancy cars or dressing in designer duds). The music, sports, and ROTC programs are distinguished in big ways, every year. We cannot imagine our family at any other school. Yes, we bleed green, too!

- submitted by a parent
August 01, 2012
My last of 3 kids has graduated from Cary High and is off to start her college adventures. Cary High has done a great job of preparing all three of my kids with the tools they have needed to succeed in life. Each child had different areas of interest and this school provided them all the opportunity to explore and grow in their specialized areas. The principal is youthful and involved with the students...they love him. Teachers and staff are supportive and caring. Music and sports programs are top notch. As a parent, I encourage you and your child to get involved and make a difference. This school is rooted deep in tradition(s) and school spirit. Thanks to the many at Cary High who have helped us to raise happy, educated and well-rounded children. Imps do bleed green:)

- submitted by a parent
July 26, 2012
Cary High is certainly not the best.. Cary high has some get teachers don't get me wrong but that school is so unorganized to me I'm glad I'm no longer going to Cary High I'm now going to go to Panther Creek , which is a Way better school . Good Luck fellow IMPS !

- submitted by a student
December 21, 2011
This school has been great for me so far. It has been very open minded and accepts everyone's faults. Even though there are sometimes fights, it is only the troublemakers. I have excellent teachers and very good friends. It is a much better school than what it is rated on here for.... so far. Plus, the CET program here is AMAZING!

- submitted by a student
October 07, 2011
My grandson just started 9th grade at the school. While he likes his teachers and friends, he and his parents are cautiously waiting to see how the school is and what the kids outside of his group are like. Someone set fire to the bathrooms 3 days this week and the fire department was called. Bad behavior is one thing but this goes beyond.

- submitted by a community member
June 19, 2011
My daughter just finished her freshman year. It was fantastic! I really feel that the teachers and the school leadership care about the students success. I absolutely love the diversity at the school. I know that is a very important part of the schools success.

- submitted by a parent
no rating January 21, 2010
I used to attend cary high and loved every second of it. The teachers were approachable and the classes were challenging. Teachers were available all the time for help or just to go and hangout with when you have spare team. The athletic department is top notch and are teams are always pretty good, i loved being an athlete for the imps. The kids i met there are good people and i miss roaming the halls of cary high. Best high school in the triangle!

- submitted by a student
no rating July 14, 2009
I feel that CHS is a wonderful school. The teachers there really care about their students and try to help them succeed. As an Alumni i can attest that many of us come back not only to visit for home coming but to also give back to our school and community. CHS has great AP classes, and EXCEPTIONAL extracurricular program (go gang green!!!). For the negative posters below, by the time you get to high school you shouldn't have to be spoon feed and told how to talk and what to do. that is a choice that you consciously make. It is not the job of a HIGH SCHOOL teacher to hold your child's hand and tell them what to do. any 14-18 is more than capable of doing their work and following directions. Teachers can only teach if you are willing to open your mind and listen.

- submitted by a student
May 07, 2008
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a student
April 09, 2008
CHS fosters a positive environment academically and socially. The variety of electives and availability of AP courses are unmatched. I took 9 AP classes and countless electives with incredibly dedicated teachers who showed a passion for their subject and a love for their students. Likewise, extra-curricular activities abound, ranging from athletic teams to service organizations to honor societies to special interest groups. Each student has an opportunity to get involved with extra-curriculars that correspond to his/her interests. This, along with the rich traditions, cultivates an environment and school spirit that is unique to CHS. Alumni return not only for the typical homecoming festivities, but just to visit their esteemed teachers. Hearing about other people s high school experiences has shown me how fortunate I was to attend Cary. I love my school--the teachers, the students, the traditions, and plan to return as a teacher upon graduating from college.

- submitted by a student
March 28, 2008
CHS is a disorganized school where students 'slip through the cracks' because the administration just does not care. Students and parents are treated rudely by office personnel. Teachers have no power to change the system. Bright students basically teach themselves.

- submitted by a parent
August 31, 2007
The classes and electives are excellent, however sometimes the time spent on homework per day exceeds the time spent in school per day. My child spends aprox 30 hours per week on homework.

- submitted by a parent
August 29, 2007
Cary High School is a wonderful school. The staff, parents and students are committed to being the best. The academics are excellent, athletic and band programs are strong with a real dedication to excellence by staff and students. We have lived in the same neighborhood for 12 years to make sure all our kids go to Cary High.

- submitted by a parent
no rating June 30, 2007
Cary High is an ok school. The only thing thats excellent about this school is the extracurricular activities that they provide for the students. A lot of the teachers are there just so that they can put money in their pockets. It kind of depends on what teacher you get, becuase this school also has a lot of great teachers that actually care. I dont see how this school is supposedly one of the top schools. To some teachers that doesnt even matter, as long they get paid. If a student is lucky they will get a teacher that will not teach them anything, and will let you pass. This is from an experienced former 9th grader.

- submitted by a student
November 18, 2006
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a student
July 08, 2006
Cary High School is a wonderful. The flagship of Wake County. The whole fine arts department wonderful. The band competes in national compitions and school spirit is very strong. The

- submitted by a student
June 06, 2006
Cary High School provided a wonderful education for my daughter (recent grad). She had over 25 college credits upon graduating Cary High. My son is currently at Cary, and has also already begun to earn college credits as part of his high school schedule. There are MANY dedicated teachers, and both of my children have had absolutely NO problems with violence at school. Parents need to be involved in which classes your child signs up for - but there is plenty of classes to challenge their learning experience. I would send my children to CHS in a heartbeat!

- submitted by a parent
January 14, 2006
Cary is probably the worst school out there. I do not get how it gets such rave reviews. The entire school system is awful, and the teachers don't cary about the students, and are often racist. If Cary is such a great school, then why are so many students failing? Simply put, the only good thing about Cary is its sports.

- submitted by a student
October 03, 2005
Cary High has very good academics, and GREAT sports teams especially football. GO IMPS. But at the same time people at cary dont get along that great thats why their are fights almost twice a week. But academics wise cary is a great school.

- submitted by a former student
August 16, 2005
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
August 15, 2005
The administration and staff work very hard to make Cary High an outstanding public high school. Parent involvement is high, student involvement is high, and test scores go up each year. Teachers and coaches care about the kids and the counseling staff is excellent. A student gets out of a school what they put in--apply yourself here and you will get a wonderful education and be well prepared for college or the workforce. Both my students were accepted to challenging colleges and are doing well.

- submitted by a parent
August 05, 2005
My experience with Cary High School has been nothing but wonderful. The staff is especially warm and take their time with each student. We had to leave the Raleigh area to get to the best school area in Wake County schools, but it is a beautiful place and great schools. Comparing it to N. Raleigh schools (which resemble S. Raleigh more every year) is like apples to oranges. Keep up the good work Cary High!

- submitted by a teacher
June 29, 2005
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a student
May 26, 2005
Cary High is THE worst school in wake county. There whole system is out of wake. The teachers are there just to get paid and the students are there to see there friends. My daughter went there all four years and still talks like she never took a english class. At the same time, she gets straight A's? How does that work? On top of it all, the administration are even ruder than the students. I feel Cary High has many, many problems that they need to work with.

- submitted by a parent
April 03, 2005
To say the least I am very impressed with Cary HS and their policies towards education. There are many extracurricular activities for which the kids can be involved. I have never seen a school where the parents are as involved as the teachers and kids. Cary HS concern for future generation's education is admirable.

- submitted by a parent
May 02, 2004
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a student

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Cary High
638 Walnut Street, Cary, NC  27511
(919) 460-3549
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