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Charlotte, NC
Students enrolled: 92

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7000 Endhaven Lane
Charlotte, NC 28277

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August 13, 2014
FANTASTIC SCHOOL! First of all, I am writing this of my own free will, not because anyone has asked me to. I am a longstanding parent at the school and each one of my kids is extremely happy and either academically on par or ahead of where they should be. I have several family members within the NC school system in various roles, so I am well versed on both public and private curriculums in the area. It is important to know this is not a traditional school, and as such kids are not bogged down at an early age with homework and tests. That comes at a later age as kids move through the system and mature. Teachers here are top notch and DO NOT bully children. I thought my kids could comment on this best and their response was-absolutely not, never! International mindedness is of the utmost importance and is interwoven in almost every subject taught. Most kids here have a rather sophisticated knowledge of the global world in which we live. Unlike most other schools, they do not skim the surface on anything, they dig deep and dissect. Form your own opinion, but know for many of us, this is an amazing school which teaches kids to make the world a better place in which to live.

- submitted by a parent
July 08, 2014
BEWARE!!!!! I agree with the recent reviewer who mentioned that parents are asked to flood this site with positive reviews after there is a negative review. Our son attended this school for quite a long time. In talking with other parents who had already pulled their children out of this school, we found that children who had attended this school for a long time were academically far behind kids who were in other private schools and even public schools (many of which are quite good here.) Their kids are playing catch-up. The other very serious issue is the number of kids who struggle emotionally after having attended this school for a while. I have never seen anything like it. They portray an image of being friendly and kind - a "safe" environment. It is exactly opposite. The culture of bullying (even by teachers!) is almost pervasive. Talking to the administration about it is like talking to the air. I personally heard teachers screaming at kids (when they didn't know I was there). It took us a while to realize that this school is mirage - an acting job by the administration.

- submitted by a parent
November 01, 2013
Today my son returned to BASC after having started his high school experience. He could not wait to go back to share in his accomplishments no different than he was able to share his learning with his peers and mentors while at BASC in an atmosphere of individualized learning and partnership. I was asked what helped prepare him for his transition, and I replied the instilling of emotional well-being and confidence that he can meet any challenge with the tools he not only received but integrated during his 4 years, his middle school years, at BASC which were truly a gift.

- submitted by a parent
October 18, 2013
My son is in his second year at British American School of Charlotte. He is 12 and in his 12 years we considered and toured almost every private school in Charlotte as well as the leading public schools. It was an easy choice. This school truly stands behind their motto and deliver "personal learning". This starts with the team and family feeling you get from all the staff. You can feel their happiness with their jobs and school family immediately. It is clear they are a team and happy to be so. This translates to them knowing their students uniquely. Each teacher seems to know my son whether they have taught him personally or not. And all this leads to a safe and invigorating learning atmosphere. The teachers feel safe to take risks and support each other, and this passes to the students. Their curriculum gets learning and development right. It is based on the kids and not on arbitrary rules. It is detailed and thorough and my son thrives. We are extremely happy here!

- submitted by a parent
October 05, 2013
Make no mistake: This is a for-profit school, and they do a good job of selling an image.I would urge anyone reading these reviews to take note of the dates of the reviews below. The school encourages parents to post positive reviews whenever a negative one is posted online. So please, take all the five-star reviews with a grain of salt. My story: My child was at BASC for five full years. After a one year in the exemplary CMS school in my neighborhood, I wish I'd never spent the money. BASC is good for 2-3-4 year olds, and they have some good teachers, But the small class size in the older grades can really work against a child socially. Almost every parent I know who's had a child at BASC takes that child back a year when they leave. They don't learn study skills or how to handle exams. For all the talk of high academic standards, diversity and international focus, our local elementary does a much better job, and with better discipline and perhaps most importantly, accountability. Another issue is the transient nature of many of the teachers. Very often, they literally don't even set foot in Charlotte before coming here, and some don't like it (and it shows.)

- submitted by a parent
June 21, 2013
Teachers are phenomenal here and contrary to what is said below, there is no yelling here. I am a veteran parent and volunteer much time at the school on multiple projects. I have never seen or heard of any yelling. Between my 3 children and 7 years here, I have spent a lot of time there. The admin is extremely objective and very willing to listen to calm reasonable parents. I would suggest reading a fabulous book called Mindset by Carol Dweck. The beliefs in this book are embraced at the school. I believe the curriculum at every level is top notch but not for one looking for a traditional education. I don't see any deficits in some areas as mentioned below. I see a school that is extremely forward thinking, very personal in their approach, and very conscious of preparing our kids for a global world where the jobs they will have probably have not yet been created. Kids are loved and respected, academically pushed when appropriate, motivated, and their achievements are always recognized here no matter how big or small those achievements may be.

- submitted by a parent
June 14, 2013
As an expat family who moves in and out of international schools frequently, we couldn't be more happy with BASC! The teachers and staff truly understand the needs of children, especially ones who are transitioning to new cultures, new learning styles and new friends. We first found BASC after returning from an assignment in Belgium and this is our second round at BASC. We spent the last year in London and our three children picked right up where they left off with friends and curriculum. A huge emphasis is placed on individual student learning and personal development. We wouldn't have our kids anywhere else! I believe the teachers have a true love of teaching children and you can feel it when you walk into the school! Our children are so sad to be leaving this year as we are off on another assignment. However, we will never leave our BASC family and are confident that through the efforts of the staff, our children are prepared for our next adventure!

- submitted by a parent
November 24, 2012
Our daughter has grown exponentially since enrolling at BASC. She is suddenly reading (she is not yet four years old), speaking both French and Spanish, and has become much more socially aware. She dislikes the weekends, and constantly asks when it will be Monday again so she can go to school! It doesn't get better than that!

- submitted by a parent
November 07, 2012
By far, the best school in the region. My children are excelling here. We love the diversity of the school, as well.

- submitted by a parent
November 07, 2012
Someone termed this school Charlotte's best kept secret and that is the truth. If you are looking for a school with excellent academics, but also a caring atmosphere, BASC is it. We are thrilled with the progress our children are making. They are way ahead of their peers and they simply love attending school. There are so many differences in the way this school approaches learning - too many to describe here. Its amazing.

- submitted by a parent
November 06, 2012
Finally a school where children learn! They never come home annoyed after 7 boring hours of doing nothing. They receive help, if needed; they are pushed further if required. Very open minded environment focused on the global world. Teachers are very well prepared and great people. Staff is wonderful.

- submitted by a parent
September 30, 2012
I usually would not even consider writing a review. But when I read the negative parent review incriminating basically all British schools, I felt like I had to react. We arrived two years ago from abroad and our kids were indeed welcome right from the start in BASC. They keep feeling very comfortable in this school (better than in any of the previous countries). We are very happy with their progress, both scholarly and socially. Teachers can give a lot of attention to each kids thanks to limited number of kids per class and are doing a good job tailoring the lessons to their potential. I am happy we selected the BASC.

- submitted by a parent
September 30, 2012
'Learning is fun!' I never thought this would be like that for my kids but it is now. Until a couple of months ago, going to school has always been a struggle and something that they had to do. That is not a concern anymore, I see my kids flourish and not only in learning but also socially! The school is such a warm environment with outstanding teachers!

- submitted by a parent
September 29, 2012
Such a fabulous place to learn!! Our children have attended the school for 5 years and we couldn't be happier! Such a nurturing environment and the learning is top-notch! Individualized lesson plans and project based learning make the schoolwork challenging, fun and also teach valuable critical thinking skills. Imagine a place where a teacher measures his/her success by the success of each student and where every child is valued for their unique gifts and you'll have an idea of the incredible learning that goes on in each and every class. My children come home every day excited about what they have learned. The school also has such great cultural diversity! School uniforms also help to keep the focus on learning.

- submitted by a parent
September 29, 2012
I also am writing to disagree with the previous negative posts. We have been in the school for 6 years and have NEVER come across the issues of bullying or inappropriate discipline from the teachers. This school harbors a community of tight knit families and staff that work together to make the school the best that it can be. It would be hard to keep something so offensive under wraps in a school like ours. Beyond the amazing teachers, the individualized learning and the diverse student body, this school teaches respect and appreciation of oneself and of a much larger world outside the school doors. Surely issues arise as in any institution and they are addressed...whether big or small. The unique learning style is a sure fit for our kids.

- submitted by a parent
September 27, 2012
The past review is a complete lie and someone who has no clue what they are talking about. I have never in all my years at the school seen or heard what this person is referencing. If those things did actually happen everyone would be aware and no one would leave their children at the school. This school is unique in that the older children care deeply about the younger ones, offer up assistance at recess & lunch, the parents are excellent, administration responsive and teachers excellent.

- submitted by a parent
September 10, 2012
We were very disappointed and shocked at some of the things that are allowed to happen at this school. There is terrible gender-based bullying which is not addressed. Looks like all of the British Schools run by WCL (World Class Learning, the parent company) have the same problems. They operate schools in Houston, Chicago, New York, Washington DC, Charlotte and Boston, and all of them are reviewed on this site. Study the negative reviews from all of these schools, and you will have a pretty good idea what this school is like, especially regarding the interactions with leadership! Some of the teachers are well known for yelling at the students - even very little kids, to the point that many of the kids come home upset and crying at how they have been treated. DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO THIS SCHOOL. The "feel good" thing at the beginning is just a facade. This school is a real mess.

- submitted by a parent
July 12, 2012
We had high hopes for this school. We were very impressed by the individualized learning concept and the curriculum seemed wonderful. Unfortunately the leadership here is very inadequate. Serious problems are not addressed. Every year there is huge turnover in the staff and students. The image they present is just that: an image. Not reality.

- submitted by a parent
April 06, 2011
This school truly is one of Charlotte's best kept secrets. It's intellectually challenging, but it also prepares children emotionally and socially for life in an ever-changing, multi-cultural world. It's a very close-knit community, and I believe both I and my son have made life-long friends there. They are really willing to work with your child -- playing to their strengths and strategizing through their weaknesses. It's not a one-size-fits-all approach. I also like that there's very little snobbery or elitism there -- something I fear I see at many other private schools.

- submitted by a parent
August 20, 2010
I think the school is phenomenal. The curriculum is lively, highly imaginative and of very high quality. I do believe there has been recent turnover of staff and a few teachers, but keep in mind that all of the teachers are from the UK and all topnotch, brought in each year. As for staff, the headmaster brings in only the best administrators and staff to keep the school running like clockwork.

- submitted by a community member
July 16, 2010
This is an extraordinary school, and it has made a phenomenal difference in our daughter's life. The teachers are excellent. They truly know and care for each child. Individually learning styles are supported, and our daughter's self esteem and confidence has increased dramatically during her time at BASC. The school community is cohesive and nurturing, and we love the interaction between grade levels. Furthermore, the international focus is evident in the student population, the teachers, curriculum, festivals and celebrations. The British American School is wisely educating it's students for a future in a global world where 8 out 10 of the jobs the children will have do not even exit today. There are many fine private schools in Charlotte, but the British American School has a unique emphasis on the child's learning and long term growth and development. It is truly unique and one of the city's best kept secrets.

- submitted by a parent
June 21, 2010
We recently moved from this school out of state. My boy had a great experience with the teachers and did very well with writing specifically. The development and teaching support was way beyond his grade level. The teaching and curriculum is almost perfect. The fall side though, is that not many issues are resolved when you approach the management for changes to systems or structures however minor or major. Staff keeps changing in the office too frequently. I saw atleast 5 reception and 3 admissions people and a few teachers come in and leave during the 2.5 yr period we were there. Its kind of weird asking a question or voicing a concern in this stiff environment for the parent. Thats the only fall side. I would highly recommend this school to all parents academically.

- submitted by a parent
June 13, 2010
The school curriculum and teaching is excellent.However, the management is in pathetic shape and keeps changing its rules, people and components all the time. No consistency in following procedures other than teaching. Does not follow safety guidelines during school hours. The picture they paint in the beginning when you join is pretty colorful but does not raise to the standard. Disappointing for having such a wonderful curriculum.

- submitted by a parent
no rating January 25, 2010
I am so thrilled with BASC. This is my daughter's first year and their method of teaching and their extensive curriculum is the best I have ever experienced. We have been through the public system and other private systems and this school by far has been the best fit. My daughter is succeeding in every aspect of her life. This wasn't the case in the previous schools. I feel very fortunate that my daughter has the opportunity to get the learn in best way she can. She not only loves school she is always disappointed when there is a day off. She has made wonderful friends and not only does her teachers know her, I am amazed that most all the staff does as well.

- submitted by a parent
October 03, 2009
This institution carries a fabulous curriculum and their style displays a wonderful method of learning. The British School of Charlotte is a fantastic place to ensure that children learn with an open window to the world.

- submitted by a parent
September 23, 2009
We couldn't be happier at BASC! It is a positive, warm, intellectually challenging environment where our son has just flourished. He actually BEGS me to let him stay at school longer during the day. The coursework is challenging, but he is more than keeping pace - and we are gaining confidence right along with him in his ability to learn, grasp difficult concepts and succeed in a learning environment. We know this is due to the individualized learning and excellent student to teacher ratios. We wish there were more sports options for when he gets older - but that program is growing, and we can take him to other programs for good sports education. For his academic and social growth - BASC is the best!

- submitted by a parent
no rating September 17, 2009
We are exrememly happy with the BASC and it is a good fit for our son. I would like to comment however, on a recent experience we had at the school..... We had the opportunity to attend a 'Celebration Assembly' - a twice per month morning gathering of the entire school and staff, during which students selected by their teacher are recognized and awarded for a particular achievement, whether it be academic or in an area of personal growth. We of course, were very proud of our son but we also enjoyed seeing the other students. They were so cute and you can't help but smile when you see the pride not only in their parent's faces but their own faces too!

- submitted by a parent
September 11, 2009
As parents of three children we have come to understand that each of them need a different type of learning environment & we are pleased to say that our son has slotted into the family community that BASC is as if he had been there forever instead of just a few weeks. He leaves school, everyday, full of news & learning experiences & a tired brain! So far our expectations have been met & even exceeded in some areas.

- submitted by a parent
June 28, 2009
Dissapointing.. my daughter actually regressed in some of her reading and handwriting during her short time at this school. New focus on revenue not quality has effected classroom experience. This school does not deliver on its promises.

- submitted by a parent
November 11, 2008
The perfect school for my daughter! Now in her second year, she is successful, learning at an accelerated rate and just thriving at BASC. The teachers create exciting curricula based on the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and allow each child to work at his/her own pace. I am impressed by the school s globalization, personalization of learning and expectations of the students. Excellence is the norm, not the exception, and her love of school is a joy to experience. I am thrilled that my daughter is part of the amazing academic and social environment at BASC.

- submitted by a parent
September 18, 2008
It is great to see your children love to learn, be a part of an international community and more importantly receive personalized learning to meet their individual needs. The school's approach is geared to help them understand how to creatively solve problems, be a global citizen and to prepare them to be future leaders in our changing world. The best part is that they have fun and are excited about going to school!

- submitted by a parent
April 14, 2008
My two kids (6 & 9 ys old) have spent the past 3 academic years at the British American School of Charlotte. I am still amazed on a daily basis at the high quality of teaching there along with the amazing atmosphere among students. The school not only offers an outstanding individualized curriculum but it also greatly emphasizes social skills among students (i.e. responsibility, respect, politeness ) as good behaviors are always celebrated. I also love the fact that older kids regularly interact with younger kids whereas reading books to little ones, helping them with their lunch

- submitted by a parent
no rating March 13, 2008
Alas! a private school which will work to address the needs of 'very 'highly gifted kids as well .Our son, who has recently moved from a program exclusively for such kids, absolutely loves the fun way of teaching provided here and says he likes learning even more than playing at BASC!

- submitted by a parent
March 11, 2008
My children have excelled academically beyond my expectations here. The school is amazing as it offers individualized instruction and teaches to all learning styles.

- submitted by a parent
March 10, 2008
This is a fantastic school with a caring environment,but one that challanges and expects exellence from its pupils

- submitted by a parent
December 17, 2007
A wonderful school. My 6 year old is thriving at British American. The teachers tailor each lesson to the individual child, with each working at his/her own pace. We have seen tremendous gains in his self confidence and love of school. I am impressed by how much his handwriting and spelling have improved. The school focuses on positive reinforcement. They try and 'catch a child being good.' I've seen teacher's help children work on conflict resolution on the playground. After school programs range from karate to science to drama to Spanish. Piano lessons are offered during the day, if you choose to sign up. Overall, a fantastic school and we feel very blessed that we are a part of it.

- submitted by a parent

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