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Share your experiences about a great middle school in Charlotte. What makes it great?


jonsmom August 14, 2008

Share your experiences about a great middle school in Charlotte. What makes it great?

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tathems December 18, 2008

We are very, very happy to have our daughter at Charlotte Secondary School, a charter school. Currently the school is 6th and 7th grade. Every year we add a new 6th grade, so next year we will be a full middle school with 6th, 7th and 8th grades.

We love the teaching style, which emphasizes discussion, projects and research rather than lectures. Our child is not only enthusiasic about what she is learning, but she remembers the material later. We also love the small class sizes--about 18 to 20 per class, which means that the teachers know her well and encourage her to build on her strengths and work on her weak areas. For instance, when she started at CSS she was very shy about talking in class. With a lot of positive feedback and encouragement, she now feels comfortable giving a report in front of the class!!

We also love the environment at CSS. The kids are very open and friendly to each other. There is no bullying, even of the quirkier kids. The kids happily say that they don't want cliques at their school--they value uniqueness!

You can find out more at, where you can learn about what is going on at school and read our charter.


pukkadude January 1, 2009

I volunteer tutor three times a week at KIPP Charlotte middle school. The school was founded and is predominately staffed by Teach for American alums. One of my students told me he was two years behind grade when he started the year before but was now, he proudly announced, up to grade - that is two year's progress in one year. I was recently invited to participate in their year end award ceremonies. The first award when to a young girl who had made one year's progress in three months. It's no secret how they do it. School starts at 730 am and they close shop at 9pm. The teachers all have category 5 hurricane strength intention levels and are relentless plus they work as a team. I have never seen anything like it. I am going back to school to get my teaching certificate.

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