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Desperately searching for a school with a good music program...especially 6th grade on up...


JJandjj February 28, 2009

This is our 1st school yr. in NC. We have been extremely disappointed in the public school system in Union county for various reasons. From what we have researched & heard through others- Meck. county is not any better. We are desperately searching for another option for next school year. It is very sad that the music/arts program are almost non-existent. Can anyone recommend a good charter, private, or possibly public middle school with a strong music program? We like the Charlotte area but feel very sad about the schools.

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appello99 June 1, 2009

Fort Mill, SC, five minutes from charlotte, best of both worlds, only low low low taxes, beautiful cluster of communities, like regent park, knightsbridge, and english trails.....i think it's the best band of the state, and it's a very WHOLESOME town!!! Know what i mean, your kids aren't out in the streets, but inside their own communities, doing what kids are suppossed to be doing, socializing, laughing, skatebording, playing basketball. Also, I have my child enrolled in the Paul Green School of Rock, in Charlotte, right outside of Fort Mill. This is a class act program, it's 250 a month, but they are great, you get a lot for your money and your kid is not contained inside a school system that doesn't stimulate their creative thinking, it allows them go beyond and develop at their own pace. I love it, however, i have 25 nieces and nephews in jersey, 11 of them in band, and from what i've researched over the past year, Fort Mill's band cannot be matched, they are invincible, outstanding!

hope this helps.

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