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Charlotte Christian vs Carmel Christian


emilymabc April 4, 2011

We are moving to Charlotte from Denver, Co. We are trying to decide between these two schools. We have not actually visited the schools yet but have started the application process for Charlotte Christian.

Why do you like one over the other?

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wyogirl9264 June 13, 2011

I have toured both schools with a rising kindergardener, so I can tell you a little of my experience. Just realize my child has not yet attended either school.

Carmel is smaller in scope than Charlotte Christian. To me it feels like an elementary school with a few trailers for middle school. I do know that they intend to expand their upper school in the coming years. People I know whose children attend Carmel really like the warmth and loving feel of the school. When I toured, I thought it did feel intimate, warm, and safe. The facilities are nice and new, but part of the church (Carmel Baptist).

Charlotte Christian feels more like a small college campus, with different buildings for the different levels (upper, middle, lower school). It is an older school and some of the facilities are a little older, not as "shiny". I know several kids who have attended Charlotte Christian. They are very smart and really well rounded (very successful at music, drama, etc). Charlotte Christian has a very well known drama program and more activities than Carmel does.

Sorry that I don't have more first hand experience, but since no one had replied, I thought I would tell you the little I know. I liked them both for different reasons. Charlotte Christian's tuition is a little tough for us, which may end up making the decision for us.

I grew up in Wyoming, just north of Cheyenne. I hope your move goes well.


trmomof2 July 24, 2011

Our kids have been at Charlotte Christian for 3 years and we are very happy to be there. The environment is very nuturing and focused on helping our kids be well rounded: academics, character building, many opportunties for sports and arts. We can't say enough great things about the staff, the environment and the great families that are there. I can't compare it to Carmel Christian even though I have heard that Carmel is also a good school. Hope that provides a little insight.

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