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Elementary School and Relocating


mparsell August 14, 2012

I am possibly relocating and very concerned over the schools I am looking into Highland Creek, Birkdale Huntersville area. Any suggestions for us?THANKS!!

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MagnetMom August 24, 2012

Hi mparsell,

Start here: Type in your zip code and narrow down your search based on distance, whether you want public or private, and then you can compare test scores and read parent reviews.

And this article might be of some help as well:

Good luck with your move.


user4857401 October 13, 2013

First, I would have to ask myself what am I looking for in a school. Does my child have any issues that single him/her out? Does my child need one on one to succeed in academics.

To be very candid, we have lived in this area (Mecklenburg County for many, many years and Mecklenburg County School System cannot keep up with the influx of families with children moving into this area. In fact in 2011-2012 this county had a 100 million dollar school budget cut. This hurt a lot of people, students, teachers and parents, anyone involved (employees and/or students) as the cut came by way of firing employees from the CMS payroll. New schools are being built quite regularly; however, they are full before the school is ever finished construction. As of this date, our County, (Mecklenburg) the county to which you are inquiring about ranks number two in homeschooling as our children are not getting the education they need in Mecklenburg Schools.
If it were me, I would look into Concord (Cabaruss County-15- 20 miles from Mecklenburg County area as they are not as crowded as CMS schools and seem to have the ability and resources to give the time needed to teach their students.
Hope this has been of some help. A majority hesitate to write here in this forum the truth reference our school system-I have no qualms- as I am homeschooling my children and would hate to see anyone go through the struggles we endured over the years with Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools. I hope you are not fooled by the "wrapping on the gift" as I was when I first enrolled my children in Mecklenburg Schools. It wasn't long before I had a rude awakening. This is all a shame, as our County is probably the richest County in North Carolina. With that being said, we also rank very high on the list for having a lot of families depending on government resources to make ends meet. We are a beautiful city lying just 12 miles north of Charlotte. One would never know there were any issues with finding a good quality education for our children.

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