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Fayetteville, NC
Students enrolled: 196
Before care: No

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1620 Marlborough Road
Fayetteville, NC 28304

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April 10, 2015
Im a student and i absolutely love this school, they treat us fairly and kindly and the only really mean teacher i found was the after school teacher, but she's a volunteer. they teach a wide knowledge of relegion in the classes and mass and even payed to get a basicly destroyed area a brand new school with free lunches, the lab and computer lab are safe and great with some of the latest stuff. the teachers really get the idea in your head and will only get really mad once the students really act up. it is amazing. they treat students fairly with a equal number of respect and rarely have punished a group. although some things lack that is in it's own standards, im currently going to a different school and i left this one, compared to st.pat's the school im in with more staff and classes are garbage. also if your kid is sad about leaving good friends every year for another class, dont worry, there's only 1 class per grade with some of the best teachers i have ever had.

- submitted by a community member
April 02, 2015
St Pats was the best we could find in the area for academics and safety when we moved here 5yrs ago. My children have attended every grade except 3rd. PreK was taught by Mrs. Adorjan, who is now the kindergarten teacher. My child loved her and would have kept her for every grade if possible. Mrs. Merrit was kindergarten and she was an amazing educator. My child learned more that year than I ever thought possible. 1st is still taught by Mrs Cummins who is perfect for 1st, fun, warm, and outgoing. 2nd went well also with Mrs. Shea who truely takes the time to get to know her students and always had time for me as a parent as well. 4th was rough for my older child, but that teacher is no longer there. The new 4th grade teacher is liked by all. From 5th up to 8th has been much better. My child went from below grade level on testing up to her first year of college. She is acedemically ready for anything now. Please note: The math teacher, Mrs. Berndt truely loves the children and will take the extra time and effort to help your child, all you have to do is ask. Thank you St Pats for all you did for my girls.

- submitted by a parent
January 09, 2015
I would hope this school is more about teaching the kids about the catholic religion. Unfortunately it's not just for any Catholics but rich Catholics. Is that what Jesus taught you?

- submitted by a parent
January 08, 2015
Our daughter attended this school for a semester. We had to pull her out because due to my health I could not do the long commute from our town to fayettville. However, we are looking into moving closer this summer to allow her to return to this school. We are a military family and we were warmly welcome at this school. My daughter developed a good relationship with her teachers and peers. There is a rigorous academic environment and students are taught by specialized teachers in their respective areas. My daughter had a positive experience at this school that was both challenging and nurturing in 5th grade. The public schools in the area really have a lot of social issues and here the children are well behaved.

- submitted by a parent
June 05, 2014
Do not send your child to St Patrick's if he/she is going into 3rd grade! The teacher is lazy, snippy, uneducated, and has had the MOST complaints against her, yet she STILL has a position with this private school. Send your child ANYWHERE but St Patrick's for 3rd grade. K-2nd is fantastic and 4-7th is great.

- submitted by a parent
January 23, 2014
I attend this school 5th - 8th grade. By the time I graduated, I had already passed the state Algebra exam and found myself ahead of my peers in all other subjects in high school. I recently received a PhD. I am very thankful for the education I received here and when my son started school, did not hesitate to enroll him at St. Pat's. His continued enthusiasm for school is yet another testament to this wonderful school.

- submitted by a parent
January 08, 2014
This is my children's first year at this school. It has not been a very good experience. The principle and staff always have attitudes. They are only nice to the parents that bring in all the money in the school. I wanted my children to have a better education than me with religious teaching but realized that it's all about money and rich people. There is no respect at this school and the parking is horrible !! My kids will not be going to this school next year.

- submitted by a parent
December 22, 2013
St. Patrick School has made some great additions to the computer and science labs and is re-flooring the gym. They have some great programs and caring teachers who maintain high standards. I recommend this school.

- submitted by a community member
July 24, 2013
We had an absolutely terrible experience at this school. The administration, teachers, and staff lacked compassion and competence.

- submitted by a parent
May 01, 2013
If your child had any kind of special needs issue this is not the school for you. There is zero compassion past the second grade. Every child is treated as if they are all the same. We've had submitted special recommendations for our child via a costly report compiled by a licenced MD and still our educational requests are being ignored. I have to repeatedly go behind the teacher to ensure my child gets what she needs. Because of all this she is singled out and bullied on a near daily basis because of her needs by the teacher. I drop off a child who's afraid to go to school because she feels the teacher doesn't like her. Worse yet we involve the principle and he sides with the teacher every time. I don't feel like st pats is there for my children or me. They are raising the tuition but NEVER try to update anything around the school. If you have an issue they will not try and research any options or answers for you. Hmmm isn't that why most schools have a guidance counselor? We pay more money every year for the same sorry stuff we always get and that's really nothing.

- submitted by a parent
February 12, 2013
It saddens me to see the direction that the school is headed in. Long gone are the days of the family friendly atmosphere and caring administration. It was replaced with a administrator who appears to have a lack of respect for teachers, parents and students alike. He does not curb the direpectful actions of newer staff members and does not asssit in helping parents resolve any issues that arise. Over the last few years the school has made a steady decline in quality of education, lack of facilities for the children to use for sports and they do not follow thier mission statement. I hate that the good of the school is being over shadowed by the a few bad seeds. I truly believe that once a few people are gone and with the right person in place this school could return to its once former status of an elite school in Fayetteville.

- submitted by a parent
January 09, 2013
Is not a great school. Don't waste your money. Do some research first. They ignore the parents concerns year after year.

- submitted by a parent
September 24, 2012
We have had a great experience with St. Patricks and think that it is among the best schools in Fayetteville. Our children (one in Kindergarten, one in preschool) are challenged appropriately, and given the support they need. Our son has started reading already and is progressing. Kids are taught computers, spanish, PE, reading and mathematics even at this young grade level. While to cost is somewhat higher than average, the education received so far by my kids is much better than average. We will continue to keep our kids at St. Pats and think highly of it so for.

- submitted by a parent
August 15, 2012
I am surprised at these negative reviews. They were written by people who have no idea what is going on in this school. There is new administration and he is making changes, and any change is not easily accepted by everyone, we have to keep in mind it is being done for the overall good of the school. The Spanish program was suspended for a year, so changes could be made and it is back, and is a better program. The Music teacher left only because of a military based move and a replacement has been hired. The computer teacher needed to retire and there is a replacement for her as well. The gym situation is unfortunate, but with the construction of the new church it has been anticipated, and it is only temporary! The PE classes will be conducted as they were before the gym was built, and the extracurricular school sports ARE being played at an off-site gym. Not every school is perfect for every family, but having looked at many other private Christian schools in the city, this was by far the best one!

- submitted by a parent
August 14, 2012
Wow, some people on this post are sadly mistaken. I just came from Orientation and there is a Spanish program, there are electives for middle school age children, the musics teacher's departure was known about for an entire year, due to a move. The academics here are rigorous, therefore my children a far above their peers at the "best" public school in Cumberland County. However, the aspect I like the most about St. Patrick's is the family feeling. Everyone is truly caring. I am not sure where some people are getting their information, but it is incorrect.

- submitted by a parent
August 07, 2012
I think some of the reviews below were written without having complete information, which is an unfair portrayal. As an involved parent whose child attends the school, I am overall happy with the school, the small family envirornment, the Catholic learning aspect, and the rigorous academics. My child is very advanced compared to her friends in public school, which I think speaks for itself. Yes, the church construction and surrounding issues with the gym floor will impact the school year, but Overall I wouldn't have my child in any other place. Yes, we will have Spanish and music this year. We are excited to see the progress our student makes this year. Overall I highly recommend this school.

- submitted by a parent
August 06, 2012
I went to St Patrick School and so did many of my friends and relatives. The school has been here for 75 years. Many who attended school at St. Pats have gone on to become accomplished, productive citizens. To all parents considering this school, I would recommend visiting there and meeting the principal, staff and teachers. I feel very strongly that you will want to send your children there.

- submitted by a community member
July 26, 2012
Totally agree with reviews below, the school is going down hill fast. This is your child's future. Put them in a different school.

- submitted by a parent
July 26, 2012
I had three children attend the school from 3 yr old prek to 7th grade. At one time I would go without lunch to make tuition. However in the past couple of years with some new individuals. The level of respect for children, parents and other staff has decreased. There are dicussions about sexuality differences that should not be discussed in the classroom and are not in the tune with Roman Catholic beliefs. If i had to rate this school 5 years ago I would say come on down. Not any more. The school no longer has a spanish program. Maybe good for your family but not for mine.

- submitted by a teacher
May 14, 2012
Please do all of your research before going to St Pats. I am so disappointed in this school and the administration. The school use to offer lots of diversity in the curriculum. However, they cut spanish class last year, the computer instructor and music instructor put in resignation at the end of this year, with no replacement secured. The school no longer has the use of the gym (family life center) for next year. PE will be held in a small classroom or outside. This will also not allow the school to have sports teams that normally would use the gym, i.e. basketball, volleyball, tumbling club, etc. There is a lot of bullying going on by students and staff and the adm. has taken a hands off approach, not their problem. Tuition increased over $500 dollars for this school year and another $400 for next year. My child will not be returning because of increased tuition, loss of potential classes (we were notified 1 week before school started this year about spanish cancellation), loss of gym, loss of sports, and the bullying by other students and some of the staff that administration refuses to address. This is not a caring, nurturing Catholic environment. Don't throw your money away.

- submitted by a parent
August 18, 2011
This school is just OK. The new principal is not organized and has made several significant changes this school year but did not notify parents of the changes until the first day of school. The tuition rate and fees keep climbing but programs are being dropped. We are getting less for our money. Some of the teachers need to be more compassionate with the students. The education is top-notch for this area when you compare it to public schools but lacking when you compare it to other private schools. There are no "elective courses" for middle school students, there is no band, there are limited sports and there is no foreign language. I would recommend doing research on other private schools before choosing St. Pats.

- submitted by a parent
June 21, 2011
My children have attended St. Patrick School since kindergarten and will be in the 4th and 5th grade this year. The academics are challenging, and the school is committed to each student's success. It has become like a family to us, and we look forward to the next several years there.

- submitted by a parent
March 11, 2011
We have been at St. Patrick's for two years and are very happy. My child is learning at an amazing rate and doing so with a smile on his face. I think that anyone wishing a parochial education for their child should consider this school. The staff is open and friendly. It is a great place and we look forward to many more years at St. Pat's.

- submitted by a parent
March 09, 2011
We love this school! My husband is in the military and having had some bad experiences in the last several schools my children attended, we researched both public and private schools in Fayetteville. We had children going into 2nd, 5th, and 8th grade, and unfortunately our choice of public schools did not pan out. St. Pat's was recommended to us by a new neighbor, and after our tour we felt so at home that we didn't look anywhere else! Yes, my children have complained of "mean" teachers, but after lots of discussion I'm confident in saying the better interpretation is "strict" teachers who don't tolerate bad behavior and don't accept excuses. It s not perfect, and my kids have stories of minor bullying, and there are some teachers I don't love, but overall, we couldn't be happier!

- submitted by a parent
March 09, 2011
In response to one of the reviews concerning the lack of special needs being addressed at St. Patrick's, private schools do not receive tax dollars for such programs and usually are not equipped to teach such children. Government schools are equipped and have plenty of dollars to cover those needs.

- submitted by a community member
March 09, 2011
WOW!!!!! I can't believe the negative comments from parents. This is the only school in Fayetteville that I would send my three children. They are receiving a wonderful education, that is faith based. My children are challenged, and love to go to school everyday. That speaks volumes to me. My children have been exposed to every teacher at St Patrick and I cannot speak more highly about a school.

- submitted by a parent
March 08, 2011
St Patrick School has been a wonderful, nurturing place for my children. I am sorry that some of the other reviewers have not had the same experience our family has had. The preschool teacher was warm and welcoming and extremely patient when teaching her students and interacting with parents. We have had a child in every grade at some time or other and have been happy with every one. Our kids have been challenged academically and pushed to be the best students and people they can be. St Patrick School was absolutely the right fit for our family and I would recommed it without reservation to anyone in the Fayetteville/Ft Bragg area.

- submitted by a parent
February 11, 2011
I am very happy at St. Patricks and I have read some of the other reviews and I agree slightly and disagree more-so. We have only had one teacher so far, the 2nd grade, and they do not have the best interpersonal social personalitles, but they are very nice, they get things done and will talk with you if you have a problem. Especially because the academic structure in the surrounding Fayetteville area is greatly lacking, I think this is a far better option than the alternatives. I continuously ask my daughter if the teachers are mean and at her age she has no problems expressing these observations and she continuously says " no mom , just strict" and this is ok by me. They definitely have high expectations and strive for students to meet them and they will let you know if your child is not meeting them, but will work with you if you are willing, rather than you getting offended by it.

- submitted by a parent
January 26, 2011
The preschool program was not loving or nurturing at all. The teacher of the 3 and 4 yr old classes was not warm or approachable; in fact, she seemed to be overly critical of normal child development and would take considerable time out of the short three hour school day (2days a week) to write longwinded complaints to individual parents about incidents that are a part of normal childhood development in learning how to be a part of a classroom. As a mother who has a BA in education and extensive graduate courses in human development, I wonder if this teacher has ever had any early childhood education courses. The academics for the preschool program are not challenging and the hours offered are not convenient or substantial. As a side note, there is also no way to bypass the state age cutoff with this school. Hopefully they can hire a new person in the preschool to teach and nurture the children rather than to avidly complain to and condemn parents about developmentally normal behaviors. I was surprised and disappointed by St. Patrick's School and would never recommend the school to another parent.

- submitted by a parent
April 22, 2010
Academically, this school is better than the other Catholic school in Fayetteville. However, some teachers seem to have some problems with interpersonal relationships with parents and students. The School Advisory Board and the Parent Volunteer Organizations do not mediate and are only there mainly for fund raising activities. The principal is supportive of teachers and does not address any unprofessional actions by teachers. I have concerns about teaching certifications and credentials of some teachers and their knowledge of child development. It is questionable if teachers receive or are required to attend continuing education yearly to better themselves as educators. There are some concerns about teachers playing favorites and bullies do not get suspended or expelled. There are concerns also that learning is not tailored to individual students and the school is not equipped to handle mild to severe special needs of the children.

- submitted by a parent
January 23, 2010
This school is one of the best you can get anywhere in the country. Two of my four children attended here, for a total of 3 years each. The edcuation is superb and it is my biggest disappointment leaving the area because I miss my children being there. My daughter and son left there so prepared and beyond prepared for the public school they attend now. Not only is the education outstanding, but the staff are so dedicated and wonderful! I love that my children also learned not only academics, but how to treat others with morals and accountability for actions. I would go back here in a heartbeat! It is worth EVERY last penny! You will not regret it.

- submitted by a parent
no rating December 08, 2009
This is an amazing school. This is my daughter's first year, and she has been welcomed by staff and faculty. She is excited to go to school in the morning and her academic progress is exceptional.

- submitted by a parent
no rating February 11, 2009
This is the worst school that I have ever enrolled my kids, it is worst than a public school. There is a lot bulling and the Principal does not deffend the student that is being bullied. There is a lot of favortisn by the teachers. In overall I will rate this school an 'F'.

- submitted by a parent
November 26, 2007
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
October 28, 2006
The faculty at this school is superb! They prepared our son well while he attended the school and would recommend to anyone looking for a strong academic base for their child look into St. Patrick's.

- submitted by a parent
March 07, 2006
Definitely a great school choice! Our family had 2 children enrolled for 2 years while stationed in Fayetteville. The teaching and support staff are wonderful, welcoming people. The art and music programs were terrific-from the classroom instruction to the creative displays of children's art and holiday concerts. Plenty of parent involvement--in the classrooms, office and special events. We loved our 2 years at St Patrick!

- submitted by a parent

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Our Beliefs Every student is an individual who possesses unique needs and God-given gifts. Students are lifelong learners. Students possess a variety of learning styles. Teachers have the responsibility, as good role models, to teach children about Christ's life and to be good stewards of our faith. Teachers can best prepare students for future vocations by teaching critical thinking skills and using technology. All staff, parents, students, and other members of the faith community will provide a safe, comfortable, and caring learning environment.


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St. Patrick Catholic School
1620 Marlborough Road, Fayetteville, NC  28304
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