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Public charter
High Point, NC

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4020 Meeting Way
High Point, NC 27265

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(336) 869-0079
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February 23, 2015
If you are looking for a school to drop your kid at the door and not be involved in any fashion with their education - this is the school for you. PA has been around for a long time and I thought we were so blessed to get in the lottery. But now, anyone can get in because they have expanded the school so much that it is no longer a small, quaint charter school. If your child acts like a child, you also may want to reconsider this as a choice. There is no tolerance for kids being kids they are disciplined for typical childlike behavior. With no playground and a joke of a PE program there is no outlet for the children to release energy. I will take my chances with the county school next year.

- submitted by a parent
December 30, 2014
I am so thankful that we chose Phoenix for our daughter. After moving to North Carolina towards the end of the school year last year we quickly realized that the public school that was offered to us wasn t going to meet our needs. Thankfully we were able to get her into Phoenix. We are a military family so we ve had her in numerous schools in the past as we had to move a lot. In all of her other schools she struggled because she wasn t being challenged. She is very smart so she d get bored and talk a lot during class. She is in second grade now at Phoenix and they use a system to assess each child s learning ability. The material is then adjusted to better challenge each child individually. My daughter is really enjoying school now and doesn t get in trouble for talking and disrupting class anymore. It s hard at time taking her and picking her up every day, and making her lunches day after day, but it s a sacrifice I m more than willing to make if it means she s going to be in a stimulating and challenging environment around people who understand and appreciate her personal aptitudes and abilities.

- submitted by a parent
December 07, 2014
We have been a Phoenix family for 7 yrs. Academically our school is accelerated. However they are excellent at making sure each individual child learns in the way that best suits that specific child. My children have taken German since Kindergarten and my middle schooler has had Spanish for 2 years. The library is great they have music/orchestra, Visual Arts, Chorus. They have PE teachers that engage the kids and expose them to all kinds of interesting activities/sports. They offer lunch. Parent volunteers are welcome unless a special circumstance (testing, science fair) volunteering for those is set up in advance I assume to reduce confusion and distractions on testing days (which I really appreciate since 2 of mine have ADHD). Class sizes are not as small as they were when my 2 oldest started there but they are alot smaller than the public school in our district. My kids have access to and are trained in computer technology and my middle schooler is provided a laptop for school and home use.

- submitted by a parent
November 22, 2014
This school has great learning, and they are above grade level in teaching. I like this school!

- submitted by a community member
October 03, 2014
My son currently attends Phoenix, but will not next year. No math curriculum. Library time is a joke. An assistant comes to his room to read, not even an actual librarian. Parents are not allowed to volunteer within the school as we were able to in our last public school. We aren't allowed to help out in the classroom, make copies, or help out with recess. Greatly disappointed in this school.

- submitted by a parent
May 30, 2014
I have two children enrolled in PA and academically they both are doing well. However I do have several concerns. Why is there only PE one day a week? I understand the art, music and library only being held once per week, but would like for them to have more physical education as well. My husbands company offered to buy and have installed playground equipment and were told only monetary donations, why? We wre made to believe when enroll ing that our children would have iPads, that never happened. The equestrian program lasted one day. Required volunteer work is a joke because the only thing I was ever able to volunteer with was teacher appreciation week and proctoring exams. I also dislike that comments made on their Facebook posts, that at all question Norcross, are immediately deleted. People should be able to ask questions and state opinions. There should be some modifications made to the dress code as well, ie: shoes and white or blue sweaters. Hope it all gets better as they move into the new building. Going to give it one more year and hoping for the best.

- submitted by a parent
April 30, 2014
Our kids have been here for one year. The things the previous person said are mostly true about no cafeteria, no playground, cramped rooms - and worst little to no communication! But our kids LOVE it there! They are learning and happy so we will give it some more time to see what the next year brings! There seems to be NO principal at the 2-6 grade school and at least one teacher who had caused many many problems! There is admin there though who is always available. Let's see what changes they make!

- submitted by a parent
April 29, 2014
As a parent, I really like Phoenix. I like the fact the ratios are small and the idea of uniforms. I am very impressed by their test scores as well.

- submitted by a parent
February 18, 2014
Having lived in the area for over 10yrs I've heard great things about Phoenix. Needless to say when we had to pull our child out of private school I didn't give a second thought to enrolling him at Phoenix. Overall, I could not be more disappointed in this school. IF you decide to enroll your child at this school this is what you can expect : - No cafeteria - Tiny classrooms - far too many children crammed in - No playground - only an open field where the kids can run around and a fenced in area with mulch - No parents are allowed past the lobby. This creates a feeling of being 'unwelcome'. - No PTA or PTO so parents are not encouraged to be involved - Incessant requests for money, copy paper, communal school supplies - Mediocre communication and very poor organization - Although GCS provides funding for the school they make no decisions on how the school operates, nor can they assist in resolution of issues. - The superintendent is disingenuous. Don't expect her to assist in resolving any issues. - The principal is very good at resolving issues and is almost always available for parent meetings via phone or in person. - Most of the ladies at the front desk are very kind

- submitted by a parent
January 24, 2014
This is our 2nd year @ Phoenix. We were pretty happy last year but this year it is going downhill very fast. Recently some of the teachers who worked there for more than 10 years left Phoenix and took up jobs at other schools. I have friends who are teachers at other schools in the area and everyone said Phoenix is losing teachers because of bad administration. They highly recommended me to pull out my kid.

- submitted by a parent
December 30, 2013
My child has been at this school a few years and compared to other schools it's best for my child. The teachers have been wonderful but the administrative staff has been of less standards. There are things that could be fixed but most of all I enjoy my child's experience. My child is above average for her grade and is being introduced to material that is above the state requirements for public schools. For the most part Im satisfied with the school and my child's education.

- submitted by a parent
October 10, 2013
This is our 4th year with Phoenix. When we started at Phoenix the small class size is what I was most excited about. This year the class sizes are no longer small, my child has 21 students in their class. They do not have a school nurse on staff in either building. There is not a cafeteria; however they offer a catered lunch at $5 a day. I understand that this (3rd 6th grade) building is a temporary space so I am trying not to be too hard on them however my child s classroom is not even a real classroom, the walls do not go up to the ceiling and there is no door. They still do not have desks. There is no fenced in mulch area for them to play, they play in the parking lot. The temporary building does not have a place to come eat lunch with your child. Expansion, last I heard they are trying to obtain a more permanent space for 3rd 5th grade however it will still be in a separate building than the K-2nd graders and a different building from the middle school students. Remember no nurse, no cafeteria, and no playground and if you have more than one child remember multiple school buildings with car lines for each building.

- submitted by a parent
October 06, 2013
Indeed it is a good school when compared to the rest in the area. 6th grade started with the right foot even though they forced the students to buy a PT uniform with the school logo on it and didn't give the chance to just buy something similar at a retail store...Its October and the uniforms have not arrived and for sure I don't think they will make the kids wear shorts during the winter months. Also there are no textbooks since they will be offered digitally but again its October and the promised laptops are not available to the kids to take home. On the plus side they have a police officer to direct traffic AM and PM and he does stay at school all day which makes a great determent for any psychos out there with Rambo delirium. Yes, it a good school not a GREAT school...and still light years away to the Swedish and South Korean Education System which is what we should be striving for.

- submitted by a parent
September 23, 2013
All I can say is that my 6th grader who just started there this year, with the expansion, is so excited to tell me about what happened at Phoenix Academy every afternoon when I pick him up. From the Core Subjects to the Specialist the teachers try to make learning creative and fun. I only did not give an excellent rating because I felt we had not been there long enough. I will revisit my rating in the spring but am very hopeful!! All the staff have been helpful and friendly.

- submitted by a parent
June 14, 2013
Overall I believe this a very good school. My daughter has been here for 3 years, having begun school in a Greensboro magnet school. I know that my child is challenged beyond what she received in her magnet school and has been able to thrive in the smaller classroom environment. The lack of a playground does not bother me because the children are given outdoor recess each day. (Besides, my daughter broke her arm on the playground of her first school...) While there are issues with communication from administration to parents, I believe that the teachers are very dedicated and work with parents to meet each child's needs. My only concern is that the upcoming expansion has not been explained fully. However I do think that because the teachers are so committed, my child, and any other children that attend, will be given a great educational experience.

- submitted by a parent
May 15, 2013
I did not have a good experience at this school. We were there a number of years ago. They made lots of promises for improvement. The biggest one being that they were building a new school building and were asking parents for money to support it. Many years later, there is still no new school building. They are still located in a business park with extremely small classrooms. The teacher turnover rate was very high the year I was there. The special pullout classes (computer, music, art, and library) were extremely lacking. Their playground is a fenced, mulched, back-lot with no equipment. The quality of academics was nothing compared to my kids' current public school. I am much happier with the my local school than I ever was with Phoenix. If you decide to go there, ask lots of questions... like specific dates of when their promised plans will come to fruition.

- submitted by a parent
April 05, 2013
We did not have a positive experience at PA. Communication was poor, responses seemed scripted from teachers and administration, parents are not allowed in the school beyond the lobby, there is no cafeteria and the multipurpose room where parents can eat with their child is noisy. There is no playground equipment and while the admin say they always have structured play, that is not true. Books from the library are old and worn and is more like a closet of old books. Kids are not encouraged out of their seat, they do not follow the standard course of study well, the curriculum is pieced together, and kids are expected to be above grade level. If you ask too many questions, it becomes the school that might not be a good fit for you. Students do a great deal of busy work and homework consists of tons of worksheets, and when we were there the school constantly asked for paper. There was no room for self expression or differentiated instruction. Before committing to this school ask, ask , ask questions!!!!

- submitted by a parent
January 28, 2013
The school is pretty good. I have not had any issues that warrant me withdrawing my child. As with any school, there is room for improvement. Some of the administrators really don't seem to have the heart to be in this line of work. There is no cafeteria, no play ground equipment. Lunch is catered in and averages around $85 per month. I would say investigage and ask LOTS of questions before enrolling.

- submitted by a parent
July 29, 2012
This is an awesome school with great teachers and administrators turnover is low compared to most school from what I can tell, which makes it nice you get to know the teachers and personalities. I LOVE this school.

- submitted by a parent
February 26, 2012
My son attended this school in first grade. There was little to no communication between parents and teachers. We had a very negative experience there. They say they want parental involvement but will not allow parents in the school. You have to wonder about a school that does not want parents in the hallways or classrooms. The kids are in the classrooms all day. There is no library or other rooms for art or PE. I would not recommend this school. I also noticed very poor leadership.

- submitted by a parent
August 29, 2010
The excellence of teachers at Phoenix Academy and it's child centered plicies have made this an ideal school for my grandchildren. I only wish it went beyond grade five.

- submitted by a community member
no rating October 27, 2009
Fabulous School great leadership. Mrs. Norcross is wonderful!

- submitted by a parent
August 29, 2009
As a mother of 6 children education is extremely important to me. In the 07-08 yr I enrolled my then rising 4th grader and Kindergartener at Phoenix. Once my 4th grader started school we realized just how far behind she was academically coming from Jamestown Elementary, the teachers and support staff at Phoenix jumped into action working deligently to bring her up to speed and never once did she feel as if she were sub-par. Also my at the time kindergartener was challenged to her level . They base there academics more individually than the public schools I have dealt with. They work with your child on their specicfic level .Just this year 09-10 my son started Kindergarten he just turned 5 Aug 6th so he is young but I know & have seen the special attention he is receiving. They have organized outdoor play, &PE. Art and Music. Great school

- submitted by a parent
December 16, 2008
Great staff and administration!

- submitted by a parent
September 08, 2008
This is a great school with low class sizes. There are on average 15 students in each classroom the infomation liated is not correct!

- submitted by a parent
no rating September 08, 2008
We have a great school all teachers administrators and staff work dilegently to make sure our students are safe, happy and learning!

- submitted by a community member
July 11, 2008
Sadly, my child did not receive a rewarding educational experience at PA as others. My child was never a 'problem'and I was involved/supported the school to only find out that what my child was supposed to learn in a specific grade, they didn't and came very close to repeating the grade (known to happen very often with one particular ethnic group). My observations leads me to believe that this school is no place for people of color. Staff/teachers are afraid to make suggestions to the administrator. Unusual setting of smiling, yet not producing good results in all children. No playground equip. and lots of dry mud to keep the uniformed white gym shoes filthy daily. I'd like to see impovements in diversity within the classrms and better communication with the parents and teachers. Appealing on the outside...what's going on inside should matter most!

- submitted by a parent
October 04, 2007
My son just started Kindergarten at Phoenix Academy and I have been very pleased. I love the teacher/student ratio and the individualization that he recieves. I appreciate the fact they they focus on education rather than extracurricular activities since education comes first in my book. They do offer German classes, art and music. I love it and I am confident he will recieve a good education.

- submitted by a parent
September 11, 2007
2006 was our child's first school year. Teachers in both facilities have been wonderful, so that aside. The uniforms are a huge plus. We love the smaller class size and the focus on core skills, socialization and not just staying busy all the time. As the year progressed, we learned how to be more active within this school's guidelines and have been very happy with the overall experience. The after school homework teachers tell us that our child's homework is on par, if not more challenging than kids from other schools.

- submitted by a parent
September 10, 2007
I enrolled my child in Phoenix Academy for the 2nd grade. I have since re-enrolled him in his old public school. We had a very disappointing experience. The[re] is no play ground, library, music class or art class. The rooms were ridiculously overcrowded. He received mostly A's but is now behind in regular public school. I am having to pay for expensive tutoring to get him caught up.

- submitted by a parent
October 03, 2006
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
May 31, 2006
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a student
May 07, 2006
This is the first year that my son has attended Phoenix Academy. I am very disappointed in the lack of communication with parents. It also bothers me that parents are not allowed in the school. There is a volunteer requirement, but parents are not welcome in the school. Also there is no library or access to computers for teachers or students.

- submitted by a parent
April 07, 2006
We have been attending Phoenix Academy for 2 years now and so far have been pretty happy with the school itself. The small class sizes and the uniforms are a plus, which will probably change when the new school is built.

- submitted by a parent
January 17, 2006
The best attribute about Phoenix is the small size. It has been very benificial to our child, who has attended since kindergarten. We don't always agree with the administrative decisions, but we have gotten consistently good teachers. The majority of the staff are personable and professional. We would like to see a more organized PTO and additional extra curricular activities, especially when they expan to k-12.

- submitted by a parent
August 02, 2005
Best thing since slice bread! Shame we had to loose one the best teacher this year to another school, Mrs. Huber you will be missed.

- submitted by a parent
June 12, 2005
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
June 12, 2005
Great school with small classrooms and quality teachers. Our children enjoy going to school there. Adminstration does not want parental involvement which concerns me.

- submitted by a parent
December 31, 2004
We have been with Phoenix Academy for 3 years and our 2nd child will start this fall. We took our daughter out the beginning of 1st grade to see what the other schools are like and we were really shocked. The level of education and the amount of attention Morgan gets is multiplied. We would like PE and Art every day but other than that the school is fantastic. Parental involvement is mandatory to feel the full effect of this school. We wouldn't dream of taking our children out again.

- submitted by a parent
February 23, 2004
I have children at Phoenix and am very happy overall with the teachers and class sizes and the school. There are way too many unnessessary field trips and parents are asked to provide too many items that should be paid for by state funds(such as paper towels, markers-for dry erase boards, copy paper etc) but it's still better than public school!

- submitted by a parent
February 22, 2004
We have been w/Phoenix Academy since the day it opened it's doors. Like any 'new business', in the beginning there were alot of struggles, but after 4 years we still love the school. I have a 4th & 2nd grader who never dread going to school. They will always tell you they love school (not homework, they are your average kids). I have the highest respect for the teachers and staff. They truly love the children and care about the education each child is getting. It's like a family, every teacher and child know each other by name, they aren't just another student. My kids are getting a great education, with more one on one teaching than I could ever expect from a traditional public school. The uniforms are wonderful, no child is ever excluded or included because of the way they dress. The children treat each other equally. Parent participation is encouraged and my children as well as myself feel the school is very safe. Phoenix Academy is a loving, caring school, serious about it's academics and always striving to be better.

- submitted by a parent

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